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Search below for wonderful places to visit donkeys in Europe, from donkey sanctuaries and rescue centres to farms and nature reserves.

PLEASE NOTE: Places listed may be open to the public at limited times or by appointment only. Please check before travelling. Happy Donkey Visits!

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Il Rifugio degli Asinelli, The Donkey Sanctuary, Sala Biellese, Piedmont

Ca’ di Luna Associazione Culturale e Agricoltura, Recanati, Macerata 


Ca’di Luna è una piccola proprietà contadina e asineria,sotto il colle dell’infinito di Leopardi. Terapia assistita con l’asino, escursioni con asini, campi estivi, esplorare il bosco tra animali selvatici e folletti e coltivare l’orto e laboratori artistici e culturali. Assisted therapy, excursions, camping and workshops.

Asino Felice, Cigliano, Vercelli, Piedmont Trekking someggiato. Camminare con l’asino è un’esperienza rilassante ed educativa che fa bene allo mente e al corpo di chi cammina.

Asinara National Park
Asinara National Park, Sardinia

Rare Albino Donkeys of Asinara National Park, Sardinia

Asinichevolano Centro Ricreativo Educativo, Loreto Aprutino, Abruzzo


Educational and recreational enrichment programs for children in the company of donkeys, including petting, brushing and cuddling donkeys, interactive activities, thematic workshops story telling and acting. 

Hotel Casato Licitra, Ragusa, Sicily

Apassolento, San Biagio di Teolo, Padua, Veneto

Aria Aperta Asineria, Emilia-Romagna, Reggio Emilia Planned activities with donkeys including hiking and educational visits. We are on the outskirts of Reggio Emilia green city, full of parks and natural areas near the city walls.

Ranch Margherita
Ranch Margherita, Meleto Valdarno, Arezzo

Ranch Margherita, Meleto Valdarno, Arezzo Cavriglia Park is set in 600 hectares of lush, unspoiled forest on the Chianti Mountain range. There are camping facilities, parks and a hotel and restaurant. The ranch runs activities for families and schools, summer camps, hikes, exhibitions, work with the disabled, private parties, training and education. Tel: 339 5449315 Email:

Asineria Lory, Montefiascone, Viterbo, Lazio

L’Amico Asino, San Vito di Fagagna, Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia 

Entertainment and educational projects for children, donkey trekking, donkey training courses and assisted activities with donkeys run by Dr. Erica Franzil, specializing in school learning disorders and animal assisted interventions. 

Fattoria Didattica La Serra, Toscana, Crespina The Educational Farm La Serra is situated in Tuscany, near to Pisa and Livorno. We conduct workshops and educational courses, involving children in different activities that allow them to develop their sensory pathways and learn through direct observation and manipulation. 

La Fattoria Didattica La Serra ti dá il benvenuto. Noi che viviamo qui siamo innamorati dei nostri boschi, dei prati, dei campi e vorremmo condividere con voi la spettacolarità della natura che ci circonda. 

Associazione Asino a Chi, Ceppiaano, Crispina Lorenzana, Pisa Educational activities, assisted therapy, summer camps for children, pet therapy and onotherapy courses in collaboration with the educational farm, La Serra.

walking with donkeys
Asini si nasce e io lo nakkui, Gallura, Sardinia

Asini si nasce e io lo nakkui – Gallura, Sardinia 


Associazione culturale, tutela e valorizzazione dell’asino. Attività Assistita con gli Asini, attività ludico-ricreative, onotrekking. Località Punta d’Acu, Arzachena Email:

Asini Nel Cuore Talignano, Emilia Romagna 

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Toskania Kociewska
Toskania Kociewska, Poland

Toskania Kociewska, Bochlin, Nowe This beautiful farm promotes a healthy lifestyle through contact with nature and animals and outdoor activities. On family and school visits, children can meet the animals and learn clay modeling, manual skills, vegetarian cooking, bread and cake making and forestry. Educational programmes that help children and adolescents with development. Observing and understanding the principles of breeding and care of animals. 

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Esel in Not, Denklehof, Engen-Welschingent In cooperation with Humanatura, the Swiss Foundation Donkeys in Distress and the German association Donkeys in Need, for sick, battered, badly maintained and old donkeys. Providing education about the donkey care, handling, feeding and welfare. 

Eselpark Nessendorf, Blekendorf

Gut Aiderbichl, Deggendorf, Bavaria

visit donkeys
Eselgarten Pondorf, Altmannstein, Bavaria

Eselgarten Pondorf, Altmannstein, Bavaria 

Eselgarten Pondorf

Learn the basics of donkey care and spend time time petting, stroking and grooming. Sessions of one hour for a maximum of 6 people. Suitable for children from age 6 and above. Sessions with photographers also available with option to purchase CD. Walks with donkeys also offered. 

Gundelsbacher Esel, Weinstadt, Rems-Murr, Baden-Württemberg Donkey hikes in Remstal Gundel Bacher Valley.

Noteselhilfe, Nechern, Weißenberg Donkey rescue, events and training.

Staff Horster, Mellinghausen, Diepholz, Lower Saxony Assisted Animal Intervention activities, camping and hiking with donkeys, goat milking, cheese making and just spending time having fun and relaxing with the animals. German sign language offered. 

Educational Donkey Center
Educational Donkey Center, Langsur-Metzdorf

Pädagogisches Eselzentrum (Educational Donkey Center), Langsur-Metzdorf More and more people are enjoying walking wih donkeys. They are gregarious, sociable and patient. You will receive a brief introduction on caring for your donkey. We have 13 donkeys available, so we can cater for group walks. Prices depend on the number of participants. We offer pair walks, team outings, hiking, clubs, schools, kindergarten hikes and individual excursions. Tel: 0152 34196702

visit donkeys Germany
Schlossberg-Langohren, Hesse

Schlossberg-Langohren, Hesse


Located in the small town of Gudensberg in the north of Hesse. Donkeys, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and hares. Holiday fun, children’s play groups, birthday parties and trail walking with donkeys. Young and old welcome. 

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Esel Reich, Halltal, Mariazell, Austrian Alps

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Burrolandia, Tres Cantos, Madrid

El Refugio del Burrito, The Donkey Sanctuary in Spain, Fuente de Piedra Winter opening times are Thursday to Sunday 10am to 4:30 pm. Visitors welcome!

El Paraiso del Burro (Donkey Paradise) Dar acogida y cuidar a burros viejos y ya jubilados. A sanctuary caring for older and retired donkeys just outside of the village of Arobes, near Arriondas in Parres, Asturias. Look out for details of Open Days throughout the year on the website or contact Marleen Verhoef to arrange individual or group visits. Tel: 646188375 Email: 

Arobes, Parres, Asturias

Burro Trek, Mare de Deu del Camp, Garriguella, Catalonia

Refugio Ecoburropark
Refugio Ecoburropark, Vall d’Ebo

Refugio Ecoburropark, Vall d’Ebo, Alicante, Valencia Asociación ecoburropark organiza rutas con burras y mulos en el medio rural de la Vall d’Ebo. Refugio ecoburropark te ofrece poder usar el refugio para tu evento, tu aniversario, tu picnic, tu fiesta, desconectar, punto de salida para senderismo, siesta o dormir en el refugio y mucho mas cosas que quieres organizar rodeado de naturaleza, animales (burros, mulos, gallinas, ocas…)

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Macronesian Eco Suites Caves, Tenerife Eco Suite Caves are situated on a large farm on the edge of the Anaga rural park, a biosphere reserve that is ideal for any traveller looking for a new experience. Accommodation with pool area and gardens is available for guests. This eco-friendly housing has a contemporary interior with modern amenities. 

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Happy Donkeys sanctuary
Project Sanctuary Happy Donkeys

Project Sanctuary Happy Donkeys, The Algarve A non profit project which helps overworked and neglected donkeys. Visitors can spend time with donkeys in beautiful surroundings and observe their natural behavior. Children can enjoy adventures walking on little paths through the forest to search for the donkeys. Walks for adults and children along rivers and mountains with a herd of free donkeys. Walks of one hour to a full day.

Donkey Tours
Donkey Tours Algarve, Paderne, Albufeira

Donkey Tours Algarve, Paderne, Albufeira 

Donkey Tours Algarve logo

Guided excursions, rides for children, corporate and team building events and a great location for film, television and photography, amid the breathtaking scenery and originality of the “Quinta de burro”. Tel: +351 932 970 888 Email:

Donkeys and Arts, Costa Vicentina

Donkeymotion, Barão São João, West-Algarve

Reserva de Burros
Reserva de Burros, Sintra

Reserva de Burros, Sintra The Burros Reserve is a private association dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of the donkey, though educational and environmental awareness, cultural and recreational activities and the reproduction of animals. In Tapada D.FernandoII we carry out activities throughout the year, for schools, ATLs, families and companies. We also celebrate birthday parties for children from 4 years old. 

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Anes et Sens, Asinerie du Pays des Collines, Frasnes-lez-Buissenal, Frasnes-lez-Anvaing, Hainaut

L’oasis des ânes, Dalhem, Liège The Donkey Oasis was founded by a team of volunteers in January 2005 with the purpose of protecting and preserving the donkey. The sanctuary is open to visitors from 2pm – 5pm on the first Sunday of each month.

Créé en janvier 2005 par un groupe de propriétaires d’ânes, passionnés et bénévoles, notre association a pour but la protection, le bien-être et la sauvegarde de l’âne. 

Anegria Assocation Donkey Shelter, Sint-Gillis-Waas


Mi-La-Mi”ânes Educational projects and activities for children, song-walks, storytelling, games, confidence building, motor skills, learning about donkeys and equipement, training courses, help for new donkey owners and walking with donkeys. Special events such as birthdays also catered for.

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Ezelopvangstichting de Grote ezel, Boxbergerweg, Olst

Stichting de Ezelshoeve
Stichting de Ezelshoeve, Baarle – Nassau

Stichting de Ezelshoeve, Baarle – Nassau Openingstijden: maandag t/m zaterdag van 10:00 tot 16:30 uur. BEZOEK OP AFSPRAAK! Foundation Donkey Farm is a shelter for neglected, abused, old and sick donkeys from the Netherlands and Belgium, offering them a safe and loving future and, where possible, new homes. The Foundation also provides information and advice to donkey owners. Tel: +31 (0) 6-27136736 Email:

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Fields of Freedom, Aarup

Anja Lausten's Donkeys
Anja Lausten’s Donkeys, Denmark

Anja Lausten is Chairman of the Danish Donkey Breed Society. Check out their Facebook page! Anja lives about 25km from Copenhagen and has seven donkeys. Children can ride and adults are welcome to go for short drives with Anja. Please phone before visiting. Tel: 20652663 Email:

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Westlake Farm
Westlake Farm, Sweden

Westlake Donkey Farm Trail riding on American Mammoth Donkeys with Bed and Breakfast in Västansjö – Bollnäs.

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Corfu Donkey Rescue, Liapades, Corfu

Agia Marina Donkey Rescue
Agia Marina Donkey Rescue, Crete

Agia Marina Donkey Rescue Centre, Crete

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The Donkey Sanctuary, Limassol

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