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the voice of martyrs book

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Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, whose body bore the scars of 14 years of torture and suffering for Christ in a Communist prison, witnessed the indomitable courage and persistent faith of many persecuted believers. Following his release from prison, he devoted his life to being a voice for persecuted Christians so others in the body of Christ might be inspired by their examples of bold faith. Now you can receive a free copy of the newly released 50th Anniversary Edition of Tortured for Christ. With over 10 million copies in print, this inspiring true story of faith is a must read for every follower of Christ. By submitting this form you agree to be contacted by email by The Voice of the Martyrs. Your information will never be sold or shared with another organization. Request your free copy of Tortured for Christ 50 th Anniversary Edition Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, whose body bore the scars of 14 years of torture and suffering for Christ in a Communist prison, witnessed the indomitable courage and persistent faith of many persecuted believers.
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Tortured for Christ - The Movie

Serving persecuted Christians through practical and spiritual assistance, and leading other members of the body of Christ into fellowship with them. About VOM. Contact Us. Your Name. Email Address. International Day of Prayer. Get Sang-chul: North Korea and other resources for your church.

There were very dark days for Brunson, isolated in prison and wondering why God seemed silent in his time of suffering. Listen as he shares how he poured out his frustrations to God, but ultimately chose to lean into God—even if God seemed to remain distant. Through those dark days, Andrew's wife, Norine served as his pastor and encourager, the only Christian he was allowed contact with. Pastor Brunson also took strength from the stories of other Christians who suffered persecution. You can hear our conversation with her here. The Voice of the Martyrs Todd Nettleton. Follow Donate.

November 01, Request a complimentary copy of Hearts of Fire. The Voice of the Martyrs invites you to request a complimentary copy one of their bestselling books, Hearts of Fire, foreword by Gracia Burnham. Eight women from eight very different backgrounds, yet the struggles they each faced rang with similarity. From Pakistan, India, Romania, the former Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, Nepal, and Indonesia, these women shared similar experiences of hardship and persecution—all for their faith in Christ—yet they have emerged from adversity as leaders and heroines. This timely newsletter will keep you informed on Christian persecution worldwide while sharing practical opportunities to help Christians who are persecuted for their faith. Post a Comment.

See all books authored by The Voice of the Martyrs, including Hearts of Fire: Eight Women in the Underground Church and Their Stories of Costly Faith, and I .
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The Voice of the Martyrs presents the inspiring movie Tortured for Christ , a cinematic retelling of the testimony of VOM founder Pastor Richard Wurmbrand as written in his international bestseller Tortured for Christ. Filmed entirely in Romania, including inside one of the prisons where Pastor Wurmbrand endured torture and solitary confinement, this powerful film will challenge every viewer to consider what it means to truly sacrifice for following Jesus Christ. The video-based group study enables any believer to lead American Christians along the path followed by so many of our persecuted brothers and sisters. Each of the six video sessions includes scenes from the critically acclaimed film Tortured for Christ , as well as discussion from VOM President Cole Richards, former prisoner-for-Christ Petr Jasek and fellow American Christians on how these truths come into play in our American Christian experience. Tortured for Christ - The Movie.

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  1. The Voice of the Martyrs is a non-profit, inter-denominational Christian organization dedicated to assisting the persecuted church worldwide. Rate this book.

  2. Foxe: Voices of the Martyrs [John Foxe, The Voice of the Martyrs] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Foxe's Book of Martyrs, often called the.

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