Ab soul the book of soul lyrics

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ab soul the book of soul lyrics

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Ab-Soul is a thoughtful writer. Since bursting on the scene in as a member of TDE, the Carson, California, rapper has wowed audiences and critics with his layered songwriting and introspective nature. Released Friday Dec. When did your love for that style of writing start, and how do you cultivate that now? It started from writing essays in school, incorporating metaphors and similes. When I picked up the pen to MC, Canibus was like the god at that time, a lyrical architect.
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Ab-Soul - The Book of Soul Lyrics

Stevens spent the first four years of his life in Germany while his father was in the military, right up until his parents split and he and his mother subsequently moved back to the United States, to live in his grandmother's house in Carson, California. But video games for sure. Five… What was that, Nintendo? Sonic the Hedgehog. But I know early on, I really, really liked Michael Jackson , like we all did.

I constantly kept hearing hype around Ab-Soul and the TDE Camp, causing me to keep trying to listen for what made this album so great. But shortly after, I would catch myself singing the lyrics. The moment I found out what he was talking about, though, it felt like a whole world opened up for me. Ab-Soul was able to bridge the gap between smart rap and a street mindset. In his weird intoxicating vibe, he was able to speak on fashion and science in the same line, making comparisons that no one had done before. This album secured my spot as a diehard Ab-Soul fan for life. The talk allowed the audience to hear the traditional music that people from places like Bosnia, Ukraine, Iraq and Sudan sing to their children.

The Book of Soul - Ab-Soul

Although hip-hop artists are often critiqued as misogynistic and shallow, when rappers fall in love, they fall hard. In the unfortunate event of a lover passing, rappers grieve just like non-celebrities do. The difference, though, is that the public is able to see how a celebrity copes with death. While it visibly took a toll on him, he recently discussed in an interview how her death and dying last words helped him become a better father. On Feb. Not only were Alori Joh and west coast rapper Ab-Soul label mates who collaborated frequently , they were also high school sweethearts that stayed together up until her death. Ab-Soul has mentioned her in every project and interview since then.

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  1. The Book of Soul Lyrics: Your momma told me read the Book of Job / They shoulda called it the Book of Soul / I came into this hurtful Earth in.

  2. Ab-Soul "The Book Of Soul": Your momma told me read the Book of Job They shoulda called it the Book of Soul I came into this hur.

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