The book thief the shoulder shrug

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the book thief the shoulder shrug

The Book Thief Chapter 13 Summary

Uniformed men start shoveling away the bonfire's remains. Liesel notices three books deep in the pile that haven't burned. She tucks it beneath her shirt and feels the heat from it. As she stands with Hans, waiting for him to finish talking with another man, the book starts to burn her. She realizes, too, that someone has witnessed her act.
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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Mein Kampf was one of Hitler's autobiographical stories. It was obviously an important and favored book by the Germans.

The Book Thief - Part Two, The Shoulder Shrug Summary & Analysis

Liesel continues to write letters to her mother, but she has mailed only the first one, though. Her birthday comes. Rosa is still losing washing and ironing jobs and Hans is out of tobacco, so Liesel doesn't expect to receive a birthday present. She doesn't. She gives herself a present, though, by taking some of the washing money and mailing her letters in one group. Rosa finds out and hits her with a spoon, after which Liesel admits why she used the money. At that moment, Liesel realizes she'll never see her mother again.

Part Two, The Shoulder Shrug Summary

The Book Thief

This topic is about The Book Thief. Smoot new. Jan 21, AM. Jan 22, AM. When you think about Nazi Germany, do you ever think about book burning? How long is the list of topics before you make that connection? Then I will think of the smaller details.

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