Shortest book in number of words in the bible

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shortest book in number of words in the bible

Hey! Did you know that 2 John is the shortest book in the New Testament

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What are the Longest (and Shortest) Books of the Bible?

Please find below all the answers for The Shortest Book In Number Of Words. This is a very popular question from the Bible Quiz Trivia game. On our website.

Do You Know The Ten Shortest Books in the Bible?

The Bible is a compilation of many shorter books written at different times by a variety of authors, and later assembled into the biblical canon. Since the early 13th century, most copies and editions of the Bible present all but the shortest of these books with divisions into chapters , generally a page or so in length. Since the midth century editors have further subdivided each chapter into verses - each consisting of a few short lines or sentences. Sometimes a sentence spans more than one verse, as in the case of Ephesians —9 , and sometimes there is more than one sentence in a single verse, as in the case of Genesis As the chapter and verse divisions did not appear in the original texts, they form part of the paratext of the Bible.

A vision from a minor prophet about the complete destruction of the nation Edom is described in 21 verses, and concludes with promises of God's restoration. This is the shortest book in the Old Testament: Obadiah. Obadiah means "servant of Jehovah" and "worshiper of Yahweh. Sandwiched between the prophetic utterances of Amos, a farmer, and Jonah, who was sent by God to speak to the Ninevites but refused and ended up spending a few nights in the belly of a fish before obeying, Obadiah speaks of a bitter squabble between two peoples with common ancestral roots. The short book was likely written between and B. The Edomites descended from Jacob's elder brother Esau. The nation of Edom bordered the nation of Israel on the other side of the Dead Sea.

As a way of sharing our excitement over our 25th anniversary , Bible Gateway is producing various lists and Infographics featuring 25 items in different categories found in the Bible. The longest book in the Old Testament when measuring by chapters is the book of Psalms with chapters and 2, verses. But when measuring by Hebrew word count, the longest book in the Old Testament is Jeremiah with approximately 33, words in the original language. The book of Psalms is a collection of individual ancient Hebrew songs and prayers. The psalmists frequently were interested in how something felt more than what it meant. Watch for figures of speech, exaggerations, and repetitions.

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It is quite well known that the longest book in the bible is the Psalms, of which there are individual Psalms. Which book is the longest in the New Testament? Before you jump at an answer, here are basic stats to consider. At first impression the battle is between Matthew and Acts as they both contain 28 chapters. You would probably put your money on Acts being longer as it is a continuation of the Gospels… it probably has further detail on the Gospels and so on….. But this battle is wrong! The longest book in the New Testament is the Gospel of Luke.

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