Where is the book of amos in the bible

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where is the book of amos in the bible


The book of Amos records some of the prophecies and teachings that the prophet Amos delivered to the kingdom of Israel during the reign of King Jeroboam II. Either Amos or scribes wrote down selections of his teachings and collected them into the book of Amos see Amos Although we do not know precisely when the book of Amos was written, the book begins with the explanation that Amos preached during the reign of Uzziah in Judah and of Jeroboam II in Israel in the eighth century B. Amos may have been a fellow laborer with the prophet Hosea in the kingdom of Israel. There is no clear information indicating where this book was written. Amos explained that God uses prophets to do His work see Amos
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Book of Amos Part 1 - Foundation of Amos (Prophetic Literature)


He is the first Prophet to have a Book of the Bible named after him. His book should be first if the listing was chronological, as he lived just prior to Hosea. While Israel was prosperous at the time, it was also a time marked by social injustice - a time similar to our own! Amos castigated the extravagance of the Northern Kingdom, who "trampled the head of the poor into the dust of the earth" The Book of Amos is relevant to this day! The Book of the Twelve Prophets was originally on one parchment roll because of the brevity of the text, and originally formed one Book of the 24 Books of Hebrew Scripture.

Book of Amos , the third of 12 Old Testament books that bear the names of the Minor Prophets , collected in one book under the Jewish canon titled The Twelve. Amos , a Judaean prophet from the village of Tekoa, was active in the northern kingdom of Israel during the reign of Jeroboam II c. According to , Amos was neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet; i. His only credential to prophesy to Israel was a summons by Yahweh. The book is a collection of individual sayings and reports of visions. The present arrangement of the sayings reflects the activity of someone other than the prophet.

Judgment on Israel's Neighbors 2 Kings ; 2 Chronicles 1 These are the words of Amos, who was among the sheepherders a of Tekoa—what he saw concerning Israel two years b before the earthquake, in the days when Uzziah was king of Judah and Jeroboam son of Jehoash c was king of Israel. Moab will die in tumult, amid war cries and the blast of the trumpet. A man and his father resort to the same girl and so profane My holy name.
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The Book of Amos is an intriguing Scripture from a unique individual, Amos, a shepherd and fig tree farmer dwelling in southern Judah who is called by God to go to Bethel and announce warnings of judgment to the northern kingdom of Israel. Northern Israel had conquered other nations and enjoyed its recent successes, but was spiritually bankrupt on the inside. Worshiping local pagan gods twisted their moral perceptions, and the people of Israel infamously cheated, stole and sold their poor into slavery in foreign lands. God is grieved by the evils he sees the people of Israel doing, but through His mercy, He is willing to give them another chance to change their ways. What can we learn by reading Amos today? Through Amos' wisdom, we discover that doing the right thing and loving others is more important than sacrifice to God, who desires to renew the hearts of everything through His coming Messiah King. Amos accuses Israel of breaking their covenant with God, and highlights how their idolatry has led to injustice and the neglect of the poor.

Amos lived in the kingdom of Judah but preached in the northern kingdom of Israel. The book opens with a historical note about the prophet, then a short oracle announcing Yahweh 's judgment repeated in the Book of Joel. According to the book's superscription Amos he was from Tekoa, a town in Judah south of Jerusalem, but his prophetic mission was in the northern kingdom. He is called a "shepherd" and a "dresser of sycamore trees", but the book's literary qualities suggest a man of education rather than a poor farmer. Scholars have long recognized that Amos utilized an ancient hymn within his prophecy, verses of which are found at 4.

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