Where are the sacrament prayers in the book of mormon

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where are the sacrament prayers in the book of mormon

Where did Moroni Get the Sacramental Prayers from? | Book of Mormon Central

The institution of the sacrament is described several times in the New Testament Matt. And this despite the fact that everyone recognizes the sacrament as one of the oldest and most significant of Christian practices. Howard Marshall, s. When we reflect on the prayers while the bread and water are being passed, one of these themes may be missing-the last one, about a future joyous reunion. Yet there may be room for such reflections. In New Testament times, the connection was explicit.
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Sacrament: A Bible Story for Children

Reflections on the Sacrament Prayers

What are the scriptural verses most familiar to members of the Church? Moroni [ Moro. James ? Without doubt they are Moroni [ Moro. Whatever other scriptures we may read during the week, we are sure to hear these every Sunday, week in and week out. Before the consolidated meeting schedule, we heard them twice on Sunday.

This version has both the bread and water on one page. Click here for a PDF printable of the sacrament prayers. I read the other day about this really cool new app called Spritz with some Salt Lake City roots , by the way that will soon help you speed read your way through books and online content. Then it flashes the words quickly on your screen and voila! You can read words per minute. So, I loosely took this idea the ORP and lined up the words to the sacrament prayers vertically, attempting to line up the the words at their ORP. These are a full page each.

Moroni Notice what these prayers teach us about our relationship with each of the three members of the Godhead:.
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Although readers rarely notice the intricate textual interdependency between Moroni and 3 Nephi 18 , the words of the sacramental prayers in Moroni 4—5 can clearly be traced, for the most part, directly to the very words of Jesus Christ used when He administered the Sacrament during his post-Resurrection ministry, as recorded in 3 Nephi From the above comparison, it is clear that the sacrament prayers, as they were known in the time of Moroni, ritually recalled the words that Jesus Christ spoke when he introduced the sacrament to the Book of Mormon people. Because the Nephites met often and partook of the sacrament immediately after the visitations of Christ among them, it would seem likely that the ceremonial form of the sacrament prayers crystalized very soon in the ministry of Nephi, the disciple of Jesus.

It is not equivalent to the Eucharist or Holy Communion in the Catholic Church but similar to rituals of Protestant denominations. Normally, the sacrament is provided every Sunday as part of the sacrament meeting in each LDS Church congregation. In the LDS Church, the word " ordinance " is used approximately as the word sacrament is used in many other denominations of Christianity. In the LDS Church, the sacrament is a specific ordinance. Latter-day Saint adherents regard partaking of the sacrament to be a commandment of Jesus Christ; participating in it demonstrates a willingness to remember the atonement of Jesus Christ.

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