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the presidents book of secrets wiki

Conspiracy Theory - President’s Book of Secrets

There was no talk of when Priess gave a noontime book talk Tuesday at the National Archives, but the author certainly kept his audience entertained. John F. Kennedy could barely sit still for it, so he carried his briefing in a pocket-sized format, reading periodically throughout the day. Lyndon Johnson, meanwhile, liked to read late at night, so he received a more traditional publication. Priess also told stories about presidents receiving their intelligence in person.
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The President's Secret Book History Channel Documentaries 2016

Book of Secrets

In , John Wilkes Booth and Michael O'Laughlen, both members of the Knights of the Golden Circle, enter a tavern and approach Thomas Gates Ben Gates' great-great-grandfather , a well-known puzzle solver, to decode a message written in Booth's diary. Thomas begins to translate the message. While he does so, Booth leaves to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln. Thomas solves the puzzle, a clue to a map to Cibola, the city of gold, but realizes the men are still loyal to the South and have a sinister motive for finding the treasure. He rips several pages from the diary and throws them in the fireplace. Thomas is shot, and the gunman attempts to retrieve the pages, but only obtains a page fragment. Over years later, Ben Gates Nicolas Cage is telling his great-great-grandfather's story at a Civilian Heroes conference.

As one of the most powerful leaders in the world, the president of the United States commands a nuclear arsenal, the world's largest military, and potentially controversial classified intelligence.
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Thus, if the President is assassinated, the Librarian informs the next President of the book. After each President leaves office, the location is changed. This weekend President Obama got a little down time with his family in Maine, he also took the time to bring some interesting reading material. Supposedly, according to White House officials speaking on the condition of anonymity, the president removed from a secret compartment inside a White House Abraham Lincoln statute the rumored "President's Book of Secrets. The top ten secrets believed to be in the book are listed below: 1.

And he's staying zipped on what's in it. Smerconish said his sons have seen "National Treasure: Book of Secrets," the Disney sequel to its hit, and know Obama has been provided the book of secrets that only Oval Office occupants are privy to. Smerconish said his sons wanted to know what secret impressed him from the book, but Obama stayed mum. Kennedy's assassination among others. The Philadelphia-based host and the president chatted before the start of Smerconish's show, but their comments ahead of the program were televised.

It is a sequel to the film National Treasure and is the second part of the National Treasure film series. Thomas recognizes the message as using the Playfair cipher and begins to translate it. Thomas solves the puzzle and realizes the men are members of the Knights of the Golden Circle and are Confederate sympathizers. A fight breaks out, and Thomas rips several pages from the diary and throws them in the fireplace. Thomas is shot, and the gunman retrieves only a page fragment. Approximately years later, Thomas's great-great-grandson Ben Gates delivers a lecture on the story at a Civilian Heroes conference.

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  1. In a few months a new US president will begin to chart a course through a complex set of national security issues.

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