A book set in the future

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a book set in the future

25 Best Far Future Science Fiction Books - The Best Sci Fi Books

Does cyberpunk have a women problem? Some self-published trashy sex book? Nah: Neuromancer, by William Gibson, the defining text of the cyberpunk movement. Five more cases in point: the near-future novels by women that Maughan recommends below. Moxyland was arguably the first novel to fully capture the inequality and digital chaos of the now all too familiar global mega-city, as Beukes skillfully picks apart everything from our obsession with smartphones through to gentrification and corporate surveillance.
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The Future of the Book - IDEO

China Miéville: the future of the novel

Commercial publishing interests are presenting the future of the book in the digital world through the promotion of e-book reading appliances and software. Implicit in this is a very complex and problematic agenda that re-establishes the book as a digital cultural artifact within a context of intellectual property rights management enforced by hardware and software systems. With the convergence of different types of content into a common digital bit-stream, developments in industries such as music are establishing precedents that may define our view of digital books. At the same time we find scholars exploring the ways in which the digital medium can enhance the traditional communication functions of the printed work, moving far beyond literal translations of the pages of printed books into the digital world. This paper examines competing visions for the future of the book in the digital environment, with particular attention to questions about the social implications of controls over intellectual property, such as continuity of cultural memory. Readers are legitimately confused as they try to understand the future of the book in the digital world. They somehow know that the inexorable advance of technology will likely eventually render the printed book obsolete, at least for many of the uses that it sees today.

May 11, 36 Comments. Every week, a different topic is suggested by Cassandra and participants list what they think are the 5 best book for that topic. Click HERE to see the topics for the next few weeks. This week, the topic is 5 best books that take place in the future. As many of you know, I love dystopian novels , and most of them take place in the future. So, this is an easy task for me.

Far future science fiction usually meaning about 10, years from now is the most optimistic SF subgenre because it assumes humanity will still be around in some recognizable form. My only beef with this book is that the personalities of the characters cleave a little too closely to their planets of origin. It is the era of the posthuman. Artificial intelligences have surpassed the limits of human intellect. Biotechnological beings have rendered people all but extinct.


The Future Book was meant to be interactive, moving, alive. Its pages were supposed to be lush with whirling doodads, responsive, hands-on. The old paperback Zork choose-your-own-adventures were just the start. The Future Book would change depending on where you were, how you were feeling. It would be sly, maybe a little creepy. Definitely programmable. Ulysses would extend indefinitely in any direction you wanted to explore; just tap and some unique, mega-mind-blowing sui generis path of Joycean machine-learned words would wend itself out before your very eyes.

Does science fiction predict the future or does it merely inspire future discoveries? That's the question these 15 books force readers to ask themselves as they read about computer hackers, bionic limbs, and iPads, all thought up by authors decades and sometimes centuries before the inventions were created. Inspired by this infographic of seemingly precognitive sci-fi books , we've assembled a list of the books that predicted the future. This social satire follows a man named Gulliver as he travels into different worlds, like one occupied by tiny humans or another inhabited by giants. But when Gulliver is on the island of Laputa, a floating world filled with scientists, the astronomers notice Mars has two moons in its orbit. When Shelley wrote " Frankenstein " in , science was just beginning to explore the new realm of dead tissue reanimation through electricity.

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