The gallic wars book 1

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the gallic wars book 1

Caesar • Gallic War — Book I, chs. 1‑29

Caesar's Gallic Wars essays chronicle the history of his military engagements during the years B. And, as an aid to his readers, he provides expository information for those who are unfamiliar with the far-off lands and people encountered during his forays. He opens his book, for example, with a brief description of Gaul, then tells how the Helvetii are first aroused to rebellion by Orgetorix in 61 B. Since they plan to march through an area bordering on the Roman Province, Caesar feels that they represent a threat to Roman rule, so he directs his forces against them. And, after defeating the Helvetii, he fights the Germans who have been brought to Gaul by the Sequani tribe. Then, unexplainably, there is a moment of panic within the Roman army, but it manages to regain its courage and crushes the German forces.
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Caesar - de Bello Gallico. Liber I

Commentarii de Bello Gallico

Commentaries of Caesar on the Gallic War : the original text reduced to the natural English order : with a literal interlinear translation of the first seven books. The Aeneid of Virgil, book I. The Gallic war, with an English translation,. The fourth book of Caesar's Gallic war, with a vocabulary. Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic war : literally translated. The Gallic War; with an English translation by H.

The Gallic Wars by Julius Caesar, part of the Internet Classics Archive. Table of Contents Book 1, Go to next. Chapter 1. All Gaul is divided into three parts, one.
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