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song of the sea book tomm moore

Stories that Connect. Tomm Moore — La Foresta

Tomm Moore is an animation filmmaker, illustrator and comics artist. He is a co-founder of the Cartoon Saloon , animation studio in Kilkenny, Ireland. His first two feature films, The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea , were both nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, and won many prizes at various international animated film festivals. Far beyond just entertainment these films are connecting us viewers to our culture, ancestors, and universal truths. I feel that the storytelling part of my career is something that came kind of late. Even though it was always part of it.
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Tomm Moore on Song of the Sea - BFI #LFF

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There is a certain magic to animation that allows filmmakers to bring our imagination to life. Even live action films depend on these techniques through CGI and other means to help us visualize fantastical versions of our own reality. I guess the second nomination is a bit more news. You had some incredible competition. But it was amazing as well to meet those people. I even got a lovely email there from Pete Docter congratulating me this morning and he said he really liked the movie and all, too.

Meet the Oscar-nominated Irish animator taking on Pixar and Disney with a moving and magical exploration of grief. U p and down the coasts of Ireland and Scotland, stories were once commonly told in which beautiful, shape-shifting creatures — the selkies, or seal-people — would emerge from the sea and bring comfort to lonely souls. Sometimes they were seducers, but just as often they were family-minded, and would marry and raise children with their human partners. And all would be well until the day they were called home, and they would slip off as softly and unstoppably as a wave running back down the shore. The stories are bereavement allegories, and ripe for modern retelling. Seven or eight years ago, that struck Tomm Moore as odd. Song of the Sea begins on the evening Ben, the four-year-old son of a lighthouse keeper, is about to become a big brother.

But that is just what you get with the Song of the Sea Art Book. Anyone who reads this blog knows I consider Song of the Sea to be a modern animated masterpiece so when I saw this for sale I shelled out the big bucks for it. This art book is so rich I could read it for weeks and get new things out of it. It starts out with a brief introduction from art director Adrien Mericeau, head of story Nora Twomey and then director Tomm Moore. What I love is how close the team felt to these characters. You feel that closeness to the characters when you watch the film.

The Song of the Sea Artbook features pages of beautiful images, from concept to finished pieces, from Director Tomm Moore and the other artists involved in this award-winning animated feature film from Cartoon Saloon.
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Co-directed by Tomm Moore with Nora Twomey, it also established the studio's distinctive style of 2D animation, which fuses hand-drawn techniques with subtle dashes of CG to bring it to life. The result is a film where every scene could have been plucked straight from a beautifully-illustrated picture book. Once again, it's a timeless fantasy - this time about a brother and sister, mythical figures from Irish folktales and their adventures in rural Ireland. It too was nominated for an Oscar. On the weekend Song Of The Sea had its premiere in Ireland, we caught up with Moore and producer Paul Young to talk about their latest film, the founding of Cartoon Saloon in the late 90s, and their thoughts on the state of animation in general. It proved to a lively, educational discussion, and so lengthy that we've opted to split it into two parts. Here, the director-producer duo talk about storytelling, mythology, using computers to assist with traditional animation, and lots more.

He has yet to hit his fourth decade on the destabilized Earth to which his films are re connecting us, but Ireland-born Tomm Moore is nevertheless piling up the powerful visual experiences. Like his Oscar-nominated feature debut The Secret of Kells , his new stunner Song of the Sea is steeped in regional folklore but still a universal wonder. But it is a more personal epic, about the extinction of mythological seal people called Selkies , as explored through a lighthouse family riven by loss and misunderstanding but healed by history and magic. Like its acclaimed forebear, the proudly hand-drawn Song of the Sea is also a mythic journey led by children, as they walk the tightrope between the belief systems that knit them to the planet and thus each other , and a postmodern future that severs them into solitude. I spoke with Moore about Song of the Sea , the legacy of Studio Ghibli which, like Moore, is angling for an Oscar nomination for its most recent film The Tale of the Princess Kaguya , the lessons of Richard Williams, reinventing 2D, and how and why we are losing our connection to the planet because we find it too hard to unplug from our Me Magazines. That was part of our challenge, focusing on these sad selkie stories but still trying to make them part of a palatable family feature film.

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