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the book of mormon the fox

Missionary Style: The Book of Mormon comes to the Fox Theatre

By Manning Harris fmanningh gmail. The national tour is sponsored here by the Broadway in Atlanta series; it will run through Jan. What could justify the torrent of praise and awards this show has received? It pokes fun at the American musical even as it glorifies it. It explores the dichotomy of faith and doubt. But mainly it just makes you laugh. But for this viewer and the great majority of the sold-out audience, the spirit of fun and humanity of the piece easily supersedes any qualms about language.
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Missionary Style: The Book of Mormon comes to the Fox Theatre

The audience cheered wildly Tuesday as the Tony Award-winning "The Book of Mormon" began, with the show's gleefully naive missionaries singing in front of a backdrop of the Salt Lake City skyline and Mormon temple that resembles the real one just two blocks away. They laughed loudly as the jokes played out, many touching on Mormon lingo and culture that is intimately familiar in Utah. Some of the most raucous applause came during a scene when an African character sings, "Salt Lake City, the most perfect place on Earth. Despite the jokes and jabs that create a caricature of Mormon beliefs, there were no protests outside and no mass walkouts during opening night. The playbill included three advertisements from the Mormon church, including a picture of a smiling man with the words: "You've seen the play, now read the book. He drew attention by coming dressed as a missionary, wearing a white shirt, tie and the name tag he wore when he was an actual missionary.


The follower of live theater has historically had it worse than most. Thankfully, that tide is beginning to turn. Kevin is gung-ho, devout, and resentful that his prayers have not sent him to mission in Orlando, while Arnold is overweight, insecure, and given to peppering his version of Mormonism with hobbits and Star Wars tidbits. Early in its run, The Book of Mormon was accused of a wholesale attack on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and while that content is certainly present, any fan of South Park can tell you that Parker and Stone like to spread their sweet, sweet venom around. Know going in that F-bombs will be dropped—silly, charming, delightful F-bombs. More learned folk may assess the broader cultural implications of the far-flung embrace of The Book of Mormon , with its troublesome tone and breaking of taboos.

Crash, shooting investigation shuts down busy NW Atlanta intersection. When you were expecting Orlando, this totally sucks. When church leaders rush in to congratulate him, they are horrified by his revisionist telling of their holy book. This fiery-red barn-burner — which trots out Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer, Johnnie Cochran and closet case Elder McKinley the wonderful Daxton Bloomquist — is a sublime and inspired Luciferian pageant that shows off the handiwork of designers Scott Pask sets , Ann Roth costumes and Brian MacDevitt lighting at its giddiest. Bondy nails the frozen smiles, shocked demeanor and almost limitless patience of Price. A superb physical comedian, he inhabits the part of the needy, awkward, fidgety, hopelessly out-of-control Cunningham with every particle of his being. OK, OK.

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