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The realm of the elderlings is a fantasy fiction series of 3 trilogies, and several other books like the rain wild chronicles, written by the author Margaret Astrid Lindholm under the penname Robin Hobb. These books follows the life and escapades of FitzChivary Farseer, who is a trained Royal assassin of the Farseer lineage the rulers of Six Dutchies kingdom. The realm of the elderlings by Robin Hobb like aforementioned consists of three set of trilogies which are the Farseer trilogy, Likeship trilogy and the Tawny man trilogy, and the rainy man chronicles and a set of other stories. This article will try to cover the 3 trilogies. The Farseer trilogy depicts the struggle with the OutIslanders, and goes on to develop the character of FitzChivalry Farseer, and the various other characters.
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Realm of the Elderlings By Robin Hobb - Overview & Where to Start

Realm of the Elderlings

Since this article is aimed at those who may not have read all of these books, spoilers will be kept to an absolute minimum — though a discussion of the overall development of a long-running series will inevitably involve some indication of where the early books are heading. However, unlike some other long-running fantasy sagas, this series is sub-divided into four trilogies and a quartet, written in a variety of styles — most notably, nine in the first person and seven in the third person — and with widely varying tone and setting. The Liveship Trilogy , narrated in the third person and following several protagonists and an antagonist, particularly various members of the Bingtown Vestrit family, set around Bingtown, the Rain Wilds, the Pirate Isles and the Cursed Shores:. The Rain Wilds Chronicles , narrated in the third person and following various dragon handlers and settlers, set on the Rain Wild River and in Kelsingra:. Naturally, a lot of fans will be happy to read all the books, in order. However, these are long books. While the older ones will be available in cheap second-hand copies, investing in all the newer ones can be expensive, and they represent hours and hours of reading.

What’s in the Realm of the Elderlings Reading Order?

It is implied that the world is round like ours. The name "Realm of the Elderlings" isn't used by the characters within that universe, but is a descriptive title that first appeared in print around the time the Legends 2 anthology with the story Homecoming was published.

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This is a comprehensive wiki. Pages include information on characters and events for all published books set in the Realm of the Elderlings. There may be spoilers for all books or trilogies on any page, including information and spoilers from Assassin's Fate published May If you have not read all published books, please read with caution. At the moment pages are being created for people, places and events.

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