Donkey Equipment

Donkey equipmentDONKEY EQUIPMENT 

Measuring for a rug: Measure from the centre of the chest, around the point of the shoulder, to the end of the hindquarters. Then add 2-3″ to the measurement and order the nearest size. Dinky Rugs 

Saddle Fitting: an average donkey of around 10hh and with a girth circumference of around 48″ will need a girth of 12″ or 16″. Dinky Rugs


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Dinky Rugs 

donkey head collar

The UK’s Specialist Manufacturer of Rugs & Equipment for Small Equines. Outdoor rugs, indoor rugs, fleece rugs, summer sheets, fly/sweet itch products, fly fringes, rug accessories, hoods, travel & show, headcollars specially made for donkeys, grazing muzzles, training equipment, tack, harnesses, safety equipment, leg protection, boots and grooming kits. Click here to order online.

Gillrugs Essex. Donkey Rugs in three types: Waterproof,  Flectalon and Combi. 6 sizes available. UK-wide delivery. Click here to order online.

Maxima Equestrian Rugs in donkey sizes, various colours available, lightweight and heavyweight turnout rugs, combo fly rugs, summer sheets, fleece rugs, stable rugs and fly masks. Fully adjustable fastening that suit a wide range of neck and chest sizes. Free UK delivery on all orders. Click here to order online.

Donkey Tack UK A wide range of donkey tack tailored especially for donkeys. Saddles, tack, driving harnesses, rugs and accessories. Click here to order online.

Donkey Headcollar
Donkey Headcollar, Countrywide Farmers

Countrywide Farmers Saddles, bridlewear, headcollars, fly protection, grooming, rugs. Order online or there are stores across the Midlands, Wales and South-West. Click here to order online.

Shires Equestrian Store Rugs, bridles, reins, bits, accessories, saddles, headcollars, leadropes, training equipment, bandages, medical supplies, fly protection, therapy products. Stockists throughout the UK and Ireland. Click here to order online.

Donkeys of Wales Tack Barn Donkey bridles, bells, pads, rugs, trap, saddles, fly sheets and fringes, microchip scanners, shaffle bits and anti-theft signs. Click here to order online.

Llugwy Farm Tack Room Bitless bridles, slip halters, winter turnout and lightweight rugs, show coats, cooler / sweat rugs, donkey and foal headcollars, fly fringes, promotional coats. Click here to order online.

ScratchnAll from Intelligent Horse Care 

donkey Scratch pad

Made in the US and supplied by Intelligent Horse Care in the UK and Europe, these innovative scratcher pads provide a safe space to indulge in scratching. They also create environmental enrichment and reduce stress for animals kept in confined spaces. Click here to order online.

Foster Fencing Romsey, Hampshire. Field shelters, stables, internal stables, tack rooms, hay stores, timber for sale, combination building, timber workshops, sheds, summerhouses, chalets, fencing materials, chestnut paling fencing. Click here to order online.

Prestige Timber Stables An independent business with over six years experience in the design and build of timber buildings; specialising in equestrian buildings and structures. Click here to order online.

Fly Masks Cashel fly masks, hand made in the USA. The unique design keeps the mesh well away from the eyes. Long ear version available. Click here to order online.

Take the Reins A large range of products for pleasure riding, driving or competitive carriage driving. Leading stockist of the Zilco Carriage Driving products in the UK & Europe and a variety of carriage driving related items from good quality manufacturers. Click here to order online.

Dragon Driving Adverts for carriage driving equipment, harnesses, horseboxes, trailers and equestrian services. Click here to view current ads.

slow feeder

Handy Hay Nets Slow Feeder Hay Bags help keep your donkeys calm and allow them to trickle feed, which is more natural and better for their digestion. Click here to order online.

Trickle Net Trickle Nets are made to a unique tried and tested design. They help to slow down forage consumption, which can improve your donkey’s physical and mental health, as well as saving you money on forage. Click to order online.

Donkey-shaped head collars The Donkey Sanctuary.

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L’Âne Agile  Chez l’Âne Agile vous trouverez le matériel utile pour bien vivre avec votre âne. Spécialiste du bât d’âne de randonnée. Nos bâts d’âne ont tous été testés sur le terrain par Gilles et ses ânes complices. Que vous recherchiez un bât d’âne de loisir, un bât d’âne de grande randonnée, nous saurons vous conseiller dans votre choix. Nous livrons en Belgique, Suisse et Luxembourg en colissimo. Email:


Cab’Âne Ardèche. Spécialiste de l’équipement de l’âne et de l’ânier. Les équipements pour partir en randonnée avec Cadichon, bâts et d’accessoires pour les balades du grand voyageur au promeneur dominical, colliers pour l’attelage de loisir ou les travaux de jardinage et des voitures de promenade. Selles bardettes brides et licols, brosserie, maréchalerie, entretien des cuirs, droguerie asine…

Co-operative Agricole de Pompadour Arnac-Pompadour, Corrèze. Fly masks for donkeys. Email:

Sellerie Bernard Lacuche Luzech. Maître Artisan sellier bourrelier. Spécialiste en France de la fabrication de bâts: ânes et chevaux, fabricant de licols et harnais ânes et chevaux, réalisation de selles de randonnée, conception selles de voltige, bagagerie: un choix de sacoches et bagages pour la randonnée, des fabrications particulières peuvent être réalisées: housses d’instruments de musique, étuis de couteau, carquois, etc. E-mail:

Sellerie le Peyron Haute-Garron. Spécialisés en fabrication des bâts de portage et des bâts de randonnée pour ânes, poneys, chevaux et mules en bois de frêne.

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Jeffers Pet Supplies Dothan, Alabama. Farm, ranch and stable supplies, tools and equipment, cleaning, grooming, medical supplies, fly and pest control, weighing and measuring, waste disposal and scoopers. Click here to order online.

Ozark Mountain Mini Tack Gassville, Arizona. Amazing range of miniature tack and equine supplies. Barn supplies, blankets, driving supplies, DVDs, fly protections, foaling supplies, groom and show supplies, halters, harnesses, let and hoof protection, saddles, tail protection, t-shirts. Click here to order online.

Equine Accessories
Pat’s Equine Accessories

Pat’s Equine Accessories Fly masks, socks and bonnets, baby donkey blankets and fleeces, rump covers, halters, Christmas hats, donkey collars, donkey fly sheets. Hand sewn and custom made. Very reasonable. Payment via PayPal. Click here to order via facebook.

donkey saddle packsMountain Ridge Gear Colorado. High quality, tough, modular packs, pommel bags, panniers, pouches and saddle bags, American-made and built to withstand heavy weight over long periods in harsh climatesClick here to order online.

For Minis Only Palm City, Florida. Apparel, tack, rugs, fly masks, equipment and supplies. International delivery. Click here to order online.

Ravenwood Driving Harnesses Hartsville, Indiana. Full gig and speciality donkey harnesses. Click here to order online.

Pack Saddle Shop Idaho. Pack saddles, panniers, saddle bags, pack saddle parts, pack gear, tents. Guides and information. Click here to order online.

Southwest Mountain Mule Arizona. Pack panniers, pack saddles, donkey-sized pack hear. Click here to order online.

Zinkel Long-Ears & Pack California. Pack saddles and pack gear, saddle parts, riding and driving gear. Click here to order online.

Lazy JV Ranch Bremen, Kentucky. All kinds of hay racks, large and small, square and round, free standing, wall mounted and fence mounted, hay risers, troughs, grain feeders, mini feeders and hay baskets. Click here to order online.

The Thrifty Equine Carson City, Nevada. Saddles, bits, spur straps, halters, lead ropes, lunge line headstalls, complete bridles, saddle bags, rein, cinchs, English show clothes, boots, breeches, dressage bridles, saddle pads, English girth, stock tank, feeders, blankets, boots, harnesses, pack equipment, helmets, grooming supplies and more. Click here to order online.

Donkey Fly Mask
Cashel Crusader Fly Mask – Mule

Cashel Granbury, Texas. Suppliers of riding equipment (mainly for horses), barn equipment and trail riding gear with some innovative products including the popular Crusader Fly Mask™ for mules (and recommended by donkey owners). Available in sizes for foal, weanling, yearling and adult, with or without ears, long or short nose. Click here to order online.

Shoofly Leggins

Shoofly Leggins Kansas City, Missouri. Loose-fitting, chemical-free leggins to prevent fly bites and reduce stressful stomping which leads to hoof damage and leg fatigue. Click here to find a list of authorised distributors. 

Stomp Stoppers
Alora wearing Stomp Stoppers leggins Photo: Tabea Brock

Stomp Stoppers Minnesota. Soft, vinyl mesh leggins with velcro fasteners and herringbone binding, to protect your donkey from biting flies and insects and reduce stomping, which can cause leg and hoof injuries. Different sizes and styles available. Machine washable. Click here to order online.

Chimacum Tack Donkey collars, boots, harnesses, mini donkey harnesses and donkey driving boots. Contact Janie & David Amdal. Click here to order online.

Star Lake Tack Shop Atlasburg, Pennsylvania. The number one source for miniature horse tack and equipment. Halters are suitable for miniature donkeys, with adjustable chins and throat latch snaps. They come in four mini sizes. Halters, leads, blankets, harnesses, carts, bits, books, videos, saddles and stable supplies. Click here to order online.

Half Ass Acres Chapel Hill, Tennessee. Halters and show halters in a wide range of colours. Click here to order online.

Ass End Trading Company Lords Hill Farm, Washington. Halters for miniature donkeys and foals, leather and nylon, more than 16 colours available. Also miniature donkey rugs. Click here to order online.

Best Friend Equine Supply Inc. Experts in grazing muzzles. Grooming tools, halters and leads, muzzles and accessories, stable supplies and tack. Click here to order online.

Halter Up
Halter Up

Halter Up Halters, lead ropes, harnesses and hardware especially for donkeys. Halters made from MFP which is stretch and water resistant and won’t fade in the sun. Click here to order online.

Valley Vet Equine (mainly horse) and general pet products, fencing, show supplies, pharmacy and natural remedies. Click here to order online.

WXICOF Donkey halters, catch-all halters, lead ropes, feed bags, fly protection, hoof picks, mini palletts and lots moreClick here to order online.

Tractor Supply Tennessee. Tack and tack repair supplies, grooming, supplements, feed, forage and treats, fly control, blankets and sheets, stable products. Stores throughout Tennessee. Click here to order online

Mini Horse Feathers Speciality tack and supply for miniature horses and miniature donkeys. Fantastic range of products, great customer service and international delivery. Click here to order online.

Donkey Whisperer Farm Rope Halters made specifically for donkeys. Hand-made in the USA with high quality yacht rope. Each halter includes a matching lead line with heavy duty brass screw on snap and leather end. Available in 11 colors and three sizes to fit your donkey perfectly. Click here to order online.

Red Haute Horse Attractive range of donkey halters. Click here to order online.

Valhoma Corporation Lead ropes, tack and halters for miniature horses that will fit donkeys. Products sold in stores throughout the US or you can order online. Click here to order online.


Donkey Scratcher Pads
Teddy the donkey enjoying the ScratchnAll Scratcher Pads

ScratchnAll is a durable scratcher pad providing safe relief from itching which can plague donkeys in all environments. The scratcher pad is easy to install and has the ability to bend over corners and interlock. The pad’s 212 points can touch key acupressure areas. Click here to order online.

Hay Pillow
The Hay Pillow Inc.

The Hay Pillow Inc. The innovative Hay Pillow encourages natural foraging behaviour and digestion. It is a great weight management tool and provides environmental enrichment for your donkeys. Available in different sizes. Email: Click here to order online.

Animal Auras Customizable animal alert signs, reflective outdoor animal decals, number and info decals and weather resistant clear document holders. Made with long-lasting and visible materials designed to be functional and effective when power and electronic communications are not present. Usable in all parts of the world. US and International delivery. Click here to order online.

Bun Bag Manure Catcher These horse manure catchers will also fit donkeys. It attaches to a riding saddle, harness or bareback donkey. Useful for parades, fairs, carnivals, birthday parties, special events and therapy donkeys. Smaller and more unobtrusive than most manure catchers. Click to order online.

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The Horse Habit Alberta and British Columbia. Tack, rider wear, blankets. Click here to order online.

Greenhawk Harness & Equestrian Supplies MississaugaApparel, grooming, equine health care, tack and equipment, stable equipment, books, DVDs and giftware. Click here to order online.

TSC Stores Ontario. Bandages & wraps, blankets, corrals, dewormers, fly control, grooming supplies, hoof care, muscle care, pellets and shavings, supplements, tack, toys, treats and wound care. Stores throughout Ontario or order online. Click here to order online.

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donkey rug
Heavy duty rug, The Donkey Shop

The Donkey Shop 


Online store selling an extensive range of donkey supplies including grooming and health care products, training equipment, tack, rugs, baskets, books, humourous hanging signs, gift cards, paintings and collectable and vintage items. International delivery. Details of auctions and the latest items for sale are on FacebookClick here to order online.

Donkey fly protection
Donkey fly mask and socks, Gidgeannup Produce and Saddlery Photo: Janetta Traylen

Gidgeannup Produce and Saddlery Stock feeder, equestrian products and pet supplies. 8/2086 Toodyay Rd Gidgegannup, Perth, Western Australia.

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Soft Saddle Pack
Jon Pieters Softpak

Jon Pieters is a donkey owner based in Bathurst, Eastern Cape. He makes donkey harnessing for local people, made from webbing, metal-framed pack saddles with wooden rests (Donkpaks) and padded back packs (Softpaks).

Jon is currently working on water tubes made from recycled truck or tractor inner tubes, to go under the donkey’s belly, with a girth over the back. The musculature of equines makes them more suited to carrying loads this way but it is rarely seen. This photo shows a Water Tube Malian donkey, carrying water under his belly: 

Water Tube Malian donkey
Water Tube Malian donkey

Join Jon’s Facebook group New Karretjiemense.

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Reno Veneers Producers of high quality rubber stable mats since 1987. Based in Kottayam, Kerala in India. International delivery. Email: Tel: +91 481 2338184 

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Hamilton 3/4″ Nylon Quality Halter for Miniature Donkey, Blue. Click to view on

2 Metre Strong Twisted Cotton Lead Rope With Trigger Clip. Click to view on

Cottage Craft Equestrian Durable Multi Coloured Lead Rope With Walsall Clip. Click to view on


Lincoln Tack Tray. All purpose tack tray with carrying handle. Click to view on

Shires Two Tone Tack Box. Click to view on

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Sheldon Grippe Dandy Brush, Pink x 1. Click to view on


Horze Dandy Brush with wooden handle. Click to view on

DM Dandy Brush, Mid Blue. Click to view on


Shires 1482 Ezi-Groom Large 2-Tone Dandy Brush. Click here to view on

Cottage Craft Oval Mud Brush, Brown. Click to view on

Wahl Equine Grooming Stiff Body Brush. Click here to view on

Large plastic curry comb. Click to view on

Large rubber curry comb. Click to view on

Bitz Gripping Mane and Tail Brush. Click to view on

Small Metal Horse Grooming Curry Comb. Click to view on

Metal Shedding Blade / Hair Remover. Click to view on

Cottage Craft Hoof Pick Brush. Click to view on


Vinyl Handle Hoof Pick. Click to view on

Carr & Day & Martin Canter Mane and Tail Conditioner 500ml. Click to view on

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What to Feed Your Donkey Recommended reading from The Donkey Sanctuary

Dengie Field Lick. Click to view on

Topspec TopChop Lite 15Kg. Click to view on


Mollichaff Donkey Feed. Click to view on

BHF Fibre Beet – 20 kg. Click to view on

Dengie Hi Fi Lite 20Kg – Horse Feed. Click to view on

Dengie Hi-Fi Senior 20kg. Click to view on

Saracen Donkey Diet 20 kg. Click to view on

Speedibeet – 20kg. Click to view on

Baileys No 4 Top Line Conditioning Cubes Horse Feed 20Kg. Click to view on

Spillers Happy Hoof – 20kg. Click to view on

Equine Himalayan Crystal Salt Lick. Click to view on

Horslyx Tub: Original 5kg. Click to view on

Horslyx Original / Garlic / Respiratory / Mobility Lick x 15 Kg. Click to view on

Likit Multipack Refill x 3, Apple, Cherry, Banana. Click to view on

Seaweed, Garlic & Multi-Mite Blend Feed Supplement 5kg. Click to view on

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3M Vet Wrap – Purple, 10 cm x 4.5 m. Click to view on

Vetrap / Cohesive Bandage. Click to view on

ELASTIKON Elastic Tape One Roll: 2” x 180” Stretched – Each. Click to view on

Kaeco Epsom Salt Poultice for Abscesses, Sprains, Strains and Bruises. Click to view on


Mustad Thrush Buster Treatment Reliever Single Application Horse Hoof Care 2oz. Click to view on

Hooflex Magic Cushion 5314 [1.8 KG]. Click to view on

Vetericyn Wound and Skin Care Liquid Spray, 250ml. Click to view on


Equilibrium field relief max fly mask Donkey. Click to view on

Endure Fly Spray

Farnham Endure Fly Spray. Click here to order from


Fleece Rug – Navy with red trim. 100% polyester. Cross surcingles, adjustable with quick release snap hooks, light weight and warm, wither protector, no centre seam. 7 sizes. Click to view on

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Flexible Tubtrugs. Click to view on

William Hunter Equestrian Horse Stable Tie Ring, White. Click to view on


Stubbs Traditional Wall Hay Rack (S12) One Size. Click to view on

Moveable animal feed trough. Hang on stables, stalls, fields. Trough comes with spout. Durable and tough plastic. Easy to stack and store. Click to view on

Horka Lightweight Plastic Hang On Stable Bucket 16L. Click to view on

Trickle Net ®. The strongest most effective slow feeder net available. Recommended by vets and farriers for weight control laminitis box rest ulcers etc. Click to view on

Heavy Duty Rubber Safety Flooring. Click to view on

Molnlycke Healthcare Hibiscrub. Click to view on

EQyss McNasty Anti Chewing Sprays – 946ml (32oz). Click to view on


Heavy Duty Feed Scoop. Click to view on

Tubtrug Tidee Manure Scoop – assorted colours. Click to view on

Shires Set Of 5 Stable Hooks. Click to view on

Lightweight Orange Plastic Shovel with D handle (standard or large). Click to view on

Stable Broom. 1.2m wooden handle, 12″ wide head, stiff PVC bristles (green). Click to view on

2 Pack of Blue & Green Equestrian Stable Broom. Strong Metal Handles 45cm. Click to view on

Charles Bentley 24″ Outdoor Garden Stiff Bassine Wide Sweeping Broom. Click to view on

Lilac 50 Litre Bin/Storage For Homes Gardens Animal Feed. 50 Litre Capacity, lockable lid, child safe, side carry handles, handle on lid for esy filling. Click to view on

Faithfull Water Trough. 4ft x 2ft x 1ft / 1200 x 600 x 300 mm. Manufactured from heavy-duty polyethylene, virtually unbreakable. Click to view on

Faulks Multi Tub Feed Bucket. 90L Rectangular. Click to view on

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Nose-It! Equine Ball Flat Fill Treat Dispenser & Slow Feeder A Toy with Purpose, 10 L x 10 H, 10 W, Blue by Nose-It! Equine Ball. Click here to view on

Jolly Mega Ball (red or green) heavy duty inflatable balls for equines. Click to view on

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