Donkey Books & DVDs

Donkey Books & DVDs


Books on donkey training and care, the role of donkeys in history, rescuing donkeys and travels with donkeys. DVDs on training, care and natural therapies. 


The Donkey Companion Sue Weaver (Storey Publishing, 2008). Sue Weaver covers every aspect of donkey care in this comprehensive encyclopedia. You can read about selecting, training, breeding, equipment, enjoying and caring for donkeys. Information is broken down into manageable chunks and interspersed with the history of the donkey, photos and illustrations, helpful tips and funny stories.

The Healthy Donkey Sarah Fisher and Trudy Affleck (The Crowood Press, 2016). History of the donkey, everything potential owners need to know about donkey guardianship, including diet, bedding and grooming and information on addressing behavioural issues using Tellington TTouch techniques – a non-invasive system of touch and massage designed to bring about calmness, trust and confidence.

Definitive Donkey Betsy Hutchins (Amer Donkey and Mule Society, 1982). A comprehensive textbook covering all breeds, sizes and types of Amer donkeys. Advice for large and small-scale donkey owners. Training and driving. . also has a chapter on breeds of the world. This is written for the general use of all donkey owners from the owner of one pet to the owner of a breeding herd.

Donkey: The Mystique of Equus Asinus Michael Tobias and Jane Morrison (Council Oak Books, 2006). Illustrated throughout with photographs and artworks, this unique treasury of donkeyana is for anyone who loves donkeys. Complete with history, lore, and inspirational stories celebrating the spiritual bond between humans and donkeys, “Donkey: The Mystique of Equus Asinus” expresses the joy that these saintly creatures with big, furry ears bring to our lives.

Meredith Hodges

Training Donkeys and Mules: A Logical Approach to Longears Meredith Hodges (Alpine Publishing, 1993). A complete guide to training mules and donkeys, covering simple psychology and training techniques to help make training more enjoyable. For more detail, there is also series of 10 DVDs.


Donkeys for Development Peta Jones (Animal Traction Network, 1997). Donkey power is crucial to smallholder economy. This book aims to answer basic questions about donkeys asked by those who need them and work with them, incorporating recent research findings and traditional knowledge. Dr Jones has has worked as a teacher and consultant with donkeys and lives in a remote rural area of Africa where she is dependent on donkeys for all local transport and cultivation. 

Click here to order updated version now available on CD.

Donkeys: A Veterinary Guide for Owners and Breeders Stephen R. Purdy, Paul Hutchins & Betsy Hutchins (Trafalgar Square Publishing, 2010). “As author of The Donkey Companion (Storey Publishing), I was thrilled to see that Dr. Purdy has written a book about donkey care. I bought it and it more than fulfills my expectations! This would be a fantastic item to give your donkey’s vet as a gift. Definitely, two thumbs up!” Sue Weaver.

A Passion for Donkeys Elisabeth D Svendsen MBE (Whittet Books, 1992). A must-read for donkey lovers, this wonderful book contains beautiful photos, illustrations and stories of the first years of the Donkey Sanctuary as well as information on care, breeding, showing, riding and driving.

The Complete Book of the Donkey Elisabeth D Svendsen MBE (Kenilworth Press, 2009). All you could ever need on the origins of the donkey, health, care, breeding, legislation, stable management, handling and training, showing, riding, long reining and driving. The book also covers the work of the Elisabeth Svendsen Trust for Children and Donkeys and the international work of the Donkey Sanctuary.

‘D’ Is for Donkey Elisabeth D Svendsen MBE (Kenilworth Press, 2011). A beautifully illustrated A-Z anthology of delightful donkey stories and illustrations by the founder of The Donkey Sanctuary. The book contains lots of stories of donkeys rescued by the Donkey Sanctuary throughout Europe. Each letter of the alphabet is covered with stories about individual donkeys and interesting and surprising facts.

Down Among the Donkeys Elisabeth D Svendsen MBE (Whittet Books, 1990). Narrated by the author, the founder of the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon, this book charts the early years of the Sanctuary and includes some of the personal highs and lows that came along the way. Touching donkey tales and funny stories that will make you laugh out loud.

For the Love of Donkeys Elisabeth D Svendsen MBE (Whittet Books, 1993). A fascinating insight into life at the Donkey Sanctuary written by its founder, including extraordinary real life stories and valuable information on the donkey.

Donkeyness: The Nature of Donkeys Angela Dyer (Pelem Press, 2012). Through following its appearance in art, literature, poetry and film, this book explores the donkey’s nature, uncovers its unique qualities and, above all, throws light on its very special relationship with man.

The Wisdom of Donkeys Andy Merrifield (Short Book, 2008). A very special book, recounting travels around southern France with a donkey. The author, unfulfilled by his life as a New York intellectual, takes to the road with a donkey and learns some valuable life lessons. Alongside the charming day by day account of his humble journey, the book is full of enlightening literary references to donkeys.

Travels With a Donkey in the Cévennes Robert Louis Stevenson (CreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformShort Book, 2016). One of Robert Louis Stevenson’s earliest published works and a classic of outdoor literature.

Downhill All the Way: Walking with Donkeys on the Stevenson Trail Hilary Macaskill and Molly Wood (Francss Lincoln, 2006). Retracing the steps of Robert Louis Stevenson, who spent twelve days walking in the Cévennes mountains in France with a donkey in 1878. This hilarious account tells of the ups and downs of handling donkeys, getting lost, encounters with some odd people and some particularly memorable meals.

Spanish Steps: Travels With My Donkey Tim Moore (Vintage, 2005). Intrigued by epic accounts of a pilgrimage undertaken by one in three Europeans, Tim Moore finds himself leading a Pyrenean ass named Shinto into Spain. Ludicrous, heartwarming, and improbably inspirational, this is the story of what happens when a rather silly man tries to walk all the way across a very large county, with a very large animal who doesn’t really want to.


Travels With My Ass Pascal Politano (AuthorHouse, 2004). A small but pure and highly polished gem; As you follow Sal and his little “family” in their peregrinations through America and Italy you may find yourself wishing you could join them.

Platero and I Juan Ramón Jiménez, Tranlsated by Antonio de Nicolás (iUniverse, 2000). In this translated Spanish classic, the author tells his burro Platero about their native Andalusian village of Moguer, creating an evanescent portrait of provincial Spainish life. With the pure-hearted, silent burro sometimes a witness, sometimes a participant, the routines of daily life take on a certain poignancy.

Donkeys on My Doorstep: Hoofing it in the Mallorcan Hills Anna Nicholas (Summersdale, 2010). “Anna is loosening the reins on her London PR company to spend more time in Mallorca with her family, cattery, chickens and goats, and insists their menagerie will only be complete with not one donkey, but two. Brimming with humorous and loveable characters. A charming take on the simple and rewarding life of rural Mallorca.”

Donkey Work Doreen Tovey (Summersdale, 2009). When Annabel clip-clops into their lives, Doreen and her husband Charles realise that living with a donkey won’t be plain sailing. Annabel eats everything apart from the nettles, but eventually becomes a much-loved family member. Solomon, the Siamese cat, sleeps in her bed and there’s even a donkey love story.

A Donkey in the Meadow: Tales from a Cornish Flower Farm Derek Tangye (Constable, 2014). The fourth title in the Minack Chronicles tells the story of how Derek and Jeannie acquired two donkeys, Penny and Fred. From the first steps and learning all about donkey foibles, through to picnics in the meadows, this is a further charming instalment in the tales of the Tangye’s life at Minack.

Donkey Jill Bough (Reaktion Books, 2011). Exploring the historical significance of the donkey, it’s role in war and agriculture, the social, cultural and religious meanings that the donkey has embodied and its symbolic representations in Western literature and art.

Smoke the Donkey: A Marine’s Unlikely Friend Cate Folsom (Potomac Books, 2016). Smoke wandered the desert before Folsom rallied an international team to take him on a convoluted journey to his new home. Once in the States, Smoke became a beloved therapy animal for both children and veterans. Smoke’s story speaks to the enduring bond between a man and an animal.

Talking With Donkeys: Saving Them All Mark S Meyers (Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, 2008). A straight talking account of the difficulties associated with building a nationwide rescue organisation, from the founder of the largest donkey rescue institution in America.

On The Backs of Burros: Bringing Civilisation to Colorado. P. David Smith (Western Reflections Publishing Company, 2010). The burro has been a special part of the history of Colorado. This book includes accounts about early Spanish settlers, Colorado prospectors, pack-train operators, and present-day pack-burro employment as well as a look at the burro’s origins and tenuous future.


Wild Burro Tales Hal Walter, illustrated by Lorie Merfeld-Batson (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2010). Hal Walter went on a 30-year trek through the Rocky Mountains and the Western Pack-Burro Racing circuit. Along the way, he explores the magic of these animals as backcountry packers and saddle donkeys, and as therapeutic riding animals for his autistic son. A unique perspective on a unique sport and donkeys in general, with something for everyone from animal lovers to endurance athletes.


The Burro Frank Brookshier (University of Oklahoma Press, 2001). Burros brought wood to the fires, raised water from the wells, toiled in the fields, carried the great and the poor, followed the conquistadors to the New World, and packed for the prospector and miner. This book is an eloquent and appealing account of the burro’s past and present and includes a chapter on selection, feeding and care.

Looking After a Donkey Dorothy Morris (Whittet Books, 1988). Packed full of facts and advice for anyone owning or thinking of getting a donkey, from how to choose the right donkey for you, accommodation, shelter, space, feeding, grooming and all aspects of care. Also covers training to be ridden or driven, showing and breeding. A great book if you need help making the decision to buy, show or breed a donkey.

The Book of Donkeys Donna Campbell Smith (The Lyons Press, 2016). In this book, the author covers the origin and history of donkeys world-wide, information on breeds, types, care, housing, breeding and training. Donna Campbell Smith worked in the horse industry for over thirty years as an instructor, trainer, breeder, writer and photographer.


Donkeys: Business As Usual – A Beginner’s Guide to Keeping Donkeys Christine E Berry OAM, Donkey Master and founder of the Australian donkey charity Donkey Welfare With Heart Inc. The book enthusiasts have been awaiting for the past ten years. It contains everything you need to know from A-Z. From maintenance to in-depth care, this step by step guide is ideal for the beginners to expert. Donkey Welfare With Heart Inc. Australia.

Know Your Donkeys Jack Byard (Old Bond Publishing, 2010). Part of the Know Your series, this book covers donkey breeds, from the most famous to those that are endagered and includes fascinating information about each breed’s history, appearance and character and stunning photographs.

Saving Simon: How a Rescue Donkey Taught Me the Meaning of Compassion Jon Katz (Ballantine Books, 2014). In this sincere and inspiring memoir, New York Times bestselling author Jon Katz tells the story of how he rescued Simon, a badly neglected donkey and restored him to health and how Simon, in return, taught him about compassion, friendship, taking risks and helped him find new meaning in his life.

Flash: The Homelss Donkey Who Taught Me about Life, Faith and Second Chances (Adventures of Flash the Donkey) Rachel Anns Ridge (Tyndale Momentum, 2015). “If there is ever a good time to discover a wounded, frightened, bedraggled donkey standing in your driveway, this wasn’t it. But Rachel brought Flash into her struggling family during their darkest hour – and he turned out to be the very thing they needed most…”

Amber’s Donkey: How a donkey and a little girl healed each other Julian and Tracy Austwick (Ebury Press, 2016). The extraordinary and touching story of Shocks, one of the biggest and gentlest donkeys rescued by the Donkey Sanctuary and his healing friendship with Amber, a little girl born with Cerebral Palsy. An inspirational story and a wonderful celebration of the therapy work pioneered by The Donkey Sanctuary.

Pollyanne: One little Donkey’s Amazing Journey from the Knacker’s Yard to the West End Stage Sarah Oliver (Sphere, 2012). This is the amazing story of Pollyanne, a donkey rescued from a livestock auction, weak and exhausted. Her rescuer, John McLaren, used to working with abandoned and neglected donkeys, spots something a bit special in Pollyanne and before long, the West End stage beckons.


Donkey Colouring Book Louise Ford (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2016). This book of 30 Donkey coloring pages is the ideal gift to help you relax. Each illustration within this fantastic adult coloring book is lovingly hand drawn by the author in a zentangle, folk art style. Every page is printed single sided, meaning each page can be removed and colored in using any medium you like and framed easily.

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An Introduction to Donkey Care The Donkey Sanctuary. Click here to order from The Donkey Sanctuary UK.


An Introduction to Donkey Health Care The Donkey Sanctuary. Click here to order from The Donkey Sanctuary UK.

DonkeyWelfare Symposium DVD Set

2014 Donkey Welfare Symposium 12 DVD Set Eric Davis (Vervante, 2015). Lectures by international experts in donkey medicine, surgery, anesthesia, behavior, and husbandry. Laboratory obversations, training sessions and demonstrations with veterinarians and donkey enthusiasts from all over the world. Over 12 hours of video. Includes downloadable pdfs and notes. Vervanté.

Donkey Training with Crystal Ward DVD

Donkey Training with Crystal Ward Donkey care, leading, standing tied, handling feet, ground driving, saddles and riding. Playable in US and Canada only.


Trimming Donkeys Hooves An information-packed DVD to help ensure you trim donkey’s hooves correctly, presented by Longhopes Donkey Shelter. Includes communication, approaching and handling, hoof angle and length, dealing with nervous donkeys and hoof abnormalities. Great for donkey owners and professional trimmers. Longhopes Donkey Shelter, Colorado.

Donkey Hooves Inside and Out DVD

Donkey Hooves: Inside and Out Detailed instruction on the care and rehabilitation of donkey hooves from renowned hoof rehabilitation specialist Pete Ramey. 3 DVDs teach how to trim donkey hooves. Learn anatomy through detailed dissections. Watch as foundered and imbalanced hooves are corrected over time. This is a comprehensive donkey hoof care course designed for owners, farriers and veterinarians.  


Donkey’s First Ride with Trainer Ross Keller Training DVD Produced by Longhopes Donkey Shelter to prepare and start your donkey riding.  Designed for the novice rider and donkey owner. Longhopes Donkey Shelter, Colorado.


Matching Wits With Donkeys Training DVD Matching Wits with Donkeys DVD for training donkeys “One day and they’re all EARS”. This is a MUST HAVE for anyone with an ungentled donkey. This tool will make you the perfect trainer for your donkey. Longhopes Donkey Shelter, Colorado.


Donkeys Are Not Small Horses A Veterinary Guide to Jack Castration with Dr. Jennifer Casebeer from Living Springs Veterinary Care. Designed by and for veterinarians to ensure a safe and successful outcome for castration surgeries.  This DVD is also a valuable tool for donkey owners seeking information and an understanding of jack castrations. Longhopes Donkey Shelter, Colorado.

DVDs purchased from another country may not be viewable on your machine. Please check with the supplier before buying. 

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Sentier Sauvage: Le pèlerinage Aldo Moro, Diana Kennedy, 2016. Une femme, une artiste seule, accompagnée de son âne “Gamin”. De Roiffieux en Ardèche jusqu’à Maglie dans les Pouilles. Sept mois de marche, de découvertes et de rencontres sur les traces d’un ancien homme d’état presque oublié chez nous. Le livre “Sentier Sauvage” retrace l’histoire de ce pèlerinage exceptionel, une aventure des temps anciens vécue à notre époque.

L’âne Culotte Henri Bosco, (Editions Flammarion, 1973). “Il passa en faisant claquer ses petits pas d’âne léger sur les dalles du pont. Les couffins, qui bringuebalaient sure son dos, étaient pleins jusqu’aux bords de branches d’argelas en fleur. Cetter plante, qui fleurit en février, est une sorte de genêt épineux. le chargement de l’âne m’étonna. De loin je le suivis. Il se dirigea tout droit vers le presbytère. Sans doute y était-il attendu, car l’abbé Chichambre en sortit aussitôt et transporta l’argélas dans l’église. Après quoi il dit quelques bonnes paroles à l’âne Culotte et lui donna une tape sur la croupe. L’âne vira de bord et repartit vers la montagne.” 

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Débuter en shiatsu avec son âne ou cheval Technique issue de la Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise, “shi” signifiant doigt et “atsu” pression, développée et reconnue au Japon en tant que Médecine à part entière depuis 1955. En France, la pratique du Shiatsu commence à être reconnue par des instances paramédicales (mutuelles) Sa cousine directe l’acupuncture (qui à la différence du shiatsu se pratique avec des aiguilles) est connue et apréciée de la population depuis bien longtemps maintenant, le shiatsu devrait suivre. In French with English subtitles. Ânes Sans Frontières.

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Platero y Yo/Platero and I Juan Ramón Jiménez, con ilustracione de Antonio Frasconi (Clarion Books – Bilingual Edition, 2003). ESTE breve libro, en donde la alegría y la pena son gemelas, cual las orejas de Platero, estaba escrito para… ¡qué sé yo para quién!… para quien escribimos los poetas líricos… Ahora que va á los niños, no le quito ni le pongo una coma. ¡Qué bien! «Dondequiera que haya niños—dice Nóvalis—, existe una edad de oro.» Pues por esa edad de oro, que es como una isla espiritual caída del cielo, anda el corazón del poeta, y se encuentra allí tan á su gusto, que su mejor deseo sería no tener que abandonarla nunca. ¡Isla de gracia, de frescura y de dicha, edad de oro de los niños; siempre te halle yo en mi vida, mar de duelo; y que tu brisa me dé su lira, alta y, á veces, sin sentido, igual que el trino de la alondra en el sol blanco del amanecer! Es un placer de publicar este nuevo, de alta calidad y asequible edición de este libro intemporal.

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