Good books to read for software engineers

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good books to read for software engineers

12 Most Influential Books Every Software Engineer Needs to Read – The Curious Programmer

This article focuses on the best software engineering books available for software engineers, developers and project managers. I did not have much experience, but I was ready to tackle every single project I was assigned to. My technical mentor back in the day who I salute if you are reading this! To this day, I still apply on a daily basis most of the gems read in this book, and I strongly believe it has a tremendous positive impact on my work. Probably one of the greatest books about software engineering and programming. Every engineer, developer or programmer should have read this book, at least one time.
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Published 22.10.2019

Best Computer Books? What books for Software Testers to read?

The 10 Best Software Engineering Books in 2019

The books on this list are designed specifically to give you a solid foundation in all of the areas that are important to a software developer. The book is full of great advice about how to write good code regardless of architecture or programming language. Code Complete goes into the details of the structure of writing good code. I consider this book a must-read for all serious software developers. The book is a bit dated but still has extremely valuable information.

R eading is one of the most habits which has helped me unstoppable develop, improve technical skills and soft skills. Today, I want to share my reading list which is useful in my career path and you too. Author of this book is Robert C. Martin, commonly called Uncle Bob , has been a software professional since and author of many famous books as The Clean Coder, Clean Architecture. This books focus on Design Patterns, describe what patterns are and how they can help you design object-oriented software. This book is written for professional developers, help you learn more about Refactoring. The book focuses on improving your soft skills about career development, marketing yourself, learning, productivity or financial.

There are some excellent ways to learn and improve as a developer. Some of those ways are pair-programming, online courses, meetups, work experience, building projects and finding a mentor. One of my personal favorite ways to learn is to crack open a well-written book and try to absorb something from those who have distilled years of knowledge and insight into a permanent artifact. Here are my personal recommendations that I think all developers especially junior ones should read at some point. Some of them stray from the technical details and focus more on giving you practical rules about what it means to be a good developer on the interpersonal and professional level. Martin Uncle Bob. It turns out that making the code work the first time is actually the easy part.

Build a Remarkable Career in Software Development

Cracking the Coding Interview (in 5 simple steps, for software engineers)

Books are your best mentor. There are thousands of books, but not all of them are equally good. Below is my list of the best programming books of all time. I will keep this list in sync with new releases. This book is essential for software developers who want to develop their skills and become masters of the field. It is essential for anyone working in a team or working solo.

In my new journey, as Agile Coach yes, Agile Coach , I have a big challenge for the first quarter: facilitate, mentoring and coach technical people on agile teams. You must be thinking: where the technical lead or something related? So, we have few tech leads inside the teams and I also believe, like you, that we have to some tech manager or any position related. Today we have 21 agile teams with around 60 technical people programmers and testers. Some of them are really good at programming and testing software , some of them aren't. First I'm inside some teams like a new member helping them to achieve some technical lack, mainly about quality and testing practices following the mindset and application of continuous integration and continuous deployment practices. So I immediately remembered from this post from AgileForAll to different ways to step into an agile coaching approach.

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