Why do women read romance novels

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why do women read romance novels

What the Romance Novel Tells Us Women Want | Girls Chase

It is a truth universally acknowledged that romance readers are single women in possession of cats and in want of a man. Other "true" facts about the romance reader: They're "nice people with bad taste in books", uneducated, bored, stupid, "lack romance in their lives. The romance industry is big -- it's the second largest category of fiction, outselling science fiction, fantasy and the classics -- which means there are a lot of readers, who may or may not fit the stereotype. It means that you or someone you know might be reading romances. There are many myths about who reads romance novels and why -- something I explore in my book Dangerous Books For Girls: The Bad Reputation of Romance Novels Explained -- but here's the truth, based on research, survey data and common freaking sense:. MYTH: The romance reader is likely to be a desperate housewife, lonely spinster or sorority sister. According to survey results from Romance Writers of America , 84 percent of romance readers are women and 16 percent are men -- up from 9 percent a few years ago.
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A romance novel is like a tub of ice-cream eaten when no one's looking. All women do not love reading romance novels but most do. I do. For me, it is a form of.

What the Romance Novel Tells Us Women Want

Dionya Farr was born and raised in Chicago. Some might say for a time she had her wild moments. When she decided to relocate as an adult, she thought it was time to make some life changes and go back to school. After getting her degrees in Psychology and Behavioral Science she began thinking how she can put them to good use. She spends much of her time volunteering and helping those in need. Dionya has never been one to have idle hands and reading has always been one of her favorite things to do.

Sometimes they ask out of honest curiosity. Well, you could tell that nosy question asker that life is squashing your dreams and you need a little you time in a fictional world where good people are actually rewarded with good lives. Then burst into tears real or fake, your choice until they scooch awkwardly down the bench and refuse to make eye contact. Simply point them to the relevant examples which range from honest to honestly-a-little-salty , and get back to your book! Women read romance novels because they like to see women presented on the page as intelligent, capable, and clever.

Go on a fancy date, spend all night having sex, buy a bunch of sale chocolate to eat alone in the bath. Sad and challenging books have their place in the world, but there is plenty of room on your bookshelves. Romance is written to be enjoyed. It is fun, smart, savvy, increasingly inclusive, and a guaranteed good time. And I wrote you a guide of five books to get started with right here! It includes those.

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When I first started reading romance novels as a teenager, I squirreled them away. I hid the covers behind book jackets or splayed my hands artfully across them so that no one would know what I was reading. I felt ashamed. But why? Well, I grew up and discovered that someone lied.

If you haven't noticed, we love books here at Women. From thrillers to romance novels, we love reading great novels written by talented writers. Whatever your reason may be for reading romance novels, we salute you. The genre often has preconceived notions or annoying stereotypes. So if you're wondering why people, specifically women, read romance novels , we're here to answer that question. If you're concerned for your wife, loved one, or coworker, don't be. What does it sound like?

Yet, as she ages, and life repeatedly denies her this, her faith in ever experiencing such a romance wanes, and she retreats further into a world of make-believe, out-of-reach eroticism. The success of the romance novel directly reflects this general discontent women have with men in the Anglosphere; its popularity implies that women largely are surrounded by men who are not satisfying them on an emotional level… let alone a physical one. Sound like a tall order? Perhaps it is. Luckily, there is a cheat-sheet out there that makes manifesting this reality a little easier:.

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  1. It's a pointless question. But if you're a romance reader you've probably been asked it at least once: Why do you read romance novels?.

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