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read any book stephen king it

It by Stephen King

There's never been a better time to be a Stephen King fan. However, the sheer number of books -- 54 novels, six non-fiction works, and countless short stories -- can make a trip to the King section of your favorite local bookstore feel like entering a huge, haunted hotel with no one working the front desk. Where do you even begin? That's where we step in. Below, we've put together the perfect Stephen King starter pack for anyone looking to explore the writer's work. So, step inside, and don't mind the cobwebs. How many pages is it?
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Reading My FIRST Stephen King Book - Reading Vlog

It by Stephen King

Discover Stephen King's spellbinding, shocking and sensational Dark Tower series, which has now been adapted into a major film and TV show. See below for all the reasons we think you can't miss the engrossing Dark Tower books, guaranteed to provide a thrilling and unforgettable adventure The first book of the series begins with the iconic line: 'The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed. The 'gunslinger' is Roland of Gilead, an enigmatic but powerful individual intent on undertaking a perilous journey towards the Dark Tower, pursuing the 'Man in Black'. The world through which he must travel is desolate and wild, and features unsettling resonances with our own. But Roland will not remain alone.

It, by Stephen King, was a book that impacted heavily upon my teenage years. They were both good reads but this time around I found issues and weaknesses that I gleefully missed and ignored when I was a teenager. Oh, how I miss being young I cannot think of many authors who can capture what it was like to be a kid better than King. He remembers things vividly and through his words allows us to remember the excitement, the awkwardness, the ability to laugh genuinely and hard at the dumbest of things.

It is an horror novel. The bowels of Derry, Maine, cyclically regurgitate every 27 years a dark and abject entity, infecting the city with hate, feeding on the fear of people or directly some people flesh-and-blood. It is an adventure novel. Seven clumsy kids band together after a tragedy. They have in common a pretty unhappy life. Stephen King already did a practice run with The Body , but this time he tops himself. It is a drama novel.

Editor's Note: This guide tries to keep it light on the spoilers, but there are some, gunslinger. For the past 40 years, Stephen King, an American master of letters, has shown time and time again why he's the king of pop fiction.
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'Salem's Lot (1975)

By clicking 'Sign Up' I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. Free eBook available to NEW subscribers only. Offer expires in three months, unless otherwise indicated. See full terms and conditions and this month's choices. This year like the year before and the year before that will be filled with Stephen King adaptations—from the unnerving It Chapter Two to a highly anticipated sequel to The Shining , Doctor Sleep.

Simple as that. Someone who reads this much must have a few reading recommendations floating around, and thankfully, the King of Horror is exceptionally generous with his book suggestions. Balram learns how to siphon gas, deal with corrupt mechanics, and refill and resell Johnnie Walker Black Label bottles all but one. He also finds a way out of the Coop that no one else inside it can perceive. But when Jeo decides to sneak across the border into Afghanistan—not to fight with the Taliban against the Americans, rather to help care for wounded civilians—Mikal determines to go with him, to protect him. As the narrative takes us from the wilds of Afghanistan to the heart of the family left behind, we see all of these lives upended by the turmoil of war.

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