How to read kindle books on kobo touch

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how to read kindle books on kobo touch

Kindle vs. Kobo: The Future of Reading - Marius Masalar

Most of the ebook lovers have kindle books at hand. Amazon indeed offers us very nice reading resources. But not all of Kindle fans will choose Kindle device to read, and in fact there are a large number of people love Kobo devices while they loving Kindle eBooks. Then, If you want to read kindle books on your favorite Kobo devices, you need to transfer kindle books to Kobo. However, we know that Amazon Kindle has its own kindle DRM and kindle formats like kfx, mobi, azw3 and etc. Kobo devices cannot recognize these kindle formats. Then we have to figure out a way to remove kindle DRM first and then convert kindle books to some ebook format that Kobo supports.
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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Vs. The Kobo Glo

How to Read Kindle Books on Kobo?

In recent decades, there was a trend of print and eBook sales moving to the Internet, where readers buy traditional paper books and e-books on websites using e-commerce systems, among which Amazon Kindle eBook store is the biggest and most widely used eBook store on the web, with a large book library and various genes of eBooks to be selected. Therefore, a great many people are wondering whether they are able to read Kindle Books on Kobo. As we all know, Amazon offers a proprietary format, instead of the free and open eBook standard format — EPUB, that only work on their Kindle devices. In this article, we are going to show you a detailed guide on how to strip the DRM from Kindle books and convert them to the most popular eBook format — EPUB, so that you can read them on your Kobo device. Below is a demonstration of the whole process. Before we get started, please have the program installed correctly on your computer. Click " Add eBook " button on the upper left and there will be a pop-up window allowing you to browse and upload the Kindle books that you want to read on your Kobo device.

It required our full attention, this mind meal, and was tremendously nourishing. It has since become something of an acquired taste. It was called reading. But I fear the internet may be a hostile environment for reading as we used to know it. Still reading.

When you want to share your Kindle books with your friend who has a Kobo eReader , you will find that the Kindle books are not available on Kobo. There are two reasons to make it failed. The first one is that Kindle books are DRM protected. The other reason is that the format of Kindle books cannot be recognized by Kobo. So you cannot read Kindle books on Kobo directly. How can we transfer eBooks from Amazon Kindle to Kobo successfully?


We share several tips for ebook lovers, and as the list of Kobo tips is growing, you may find it useful to see all of them listed in one place. Devices such as the Kindle enjoy a lot of blogosphere attention. There is one thing you have to know before using this tip. You can also sort titles by ratings, title, or by publication date. Usually, if you live outside the US or Canada you have to pay more for the same book. For example, Dr.

Can I read Kindle books on Kobo? You may have this doubt when you find an interesting book but only sold on Amazon store, not Kobo. Therefore, you have to buy it from Amazon. How can I read Kindle books on Kobo? I believe many people have this kind of confusion. This guide will help you read your Kindle books on Kobo freely. It's known that Amazon Kindle books are special for Kindle devices.

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