Good books to read for eighth graders

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good books to read for eighth graders

8th Grade Recommended Reading

Cliques form, claws come out, and it's a time that can be truly tough for adolescents. Thank goodness for books, though — they can be a great escape into a world of someone else's middle school drama! From the classic favorites to the contemporary must-reads, here are 10 of the best books for 8th-graders. Get the best daily deals sent straight to your inbox by signing up for our newsletter. Eventually, she loses the ability to speak, but it isn't only because of the isolation. He leaves behind the troubled school on the reservation in order to attend an all-white school in a nearby rural area. This young adult novel deals with romance, friendship and tragic circumstances, and although it will make you cry, it will also remind you of the strength of love and the human spirit.
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Top 8 Must Reads for High School Students!

The Best Books To Read In 8th Grade

Michele Fry. Print book list. Intended for older readers, this story informs first-hand about the unpredictable attacks and sheer madness of Apartheid and a government that is now, fortunately, historical. The author eloquently rises above the suffering inflicted by the secret police on his family and friends, giving readers a story that powerfully portrays personal ingenuity and courage. Martin's Griffin, pages. Plagued by high anxiety, Cath shrinks at the thought of new people and situations. But just as she gets to college, her twin and BFF abandons her.

Fantasy Books for 8th Graders

I'm so excited to share with you some of the true masterpieces of American literary tradition this coming year, but first, try some of these titles that are the perfect summer read, infused with an American attitude, whether struggling through a tough time and learning how to make the world a better place or simply figuring out who we are and how we can be the best version of ourselves. This email address is being protected from spambots.

He knows. Teachers kept giving him what they considered classics, but those middle school books had nothing to do with who he was and what he saw each day. So he never touched them. Middle school kids today are coming of age in a time when they will have more access to information than ever before but lack the tools for integration. Giving them the tools to build a reading identity first will give them what they need to grow into whom they really want to be. Every one of these books offers a path to identity. But remember: you know each child best.

The books include images, descriptions, and links. When Byron gets to be too much trouble, they head South to Birmingham to visit Grandma, the one person who can shape him up. He knows that he can count on his brothers, Darry and Sodapop. And he knows that he can count on his friends—true friends who would do anything for him, like Johnny and Two-Bit. At least he knows what to expect—until the night someone takes things too far. The Outsiders is a dramatic and enduring work of fiction that laid the groundwork for the YA genre.

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