I read books too fast

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i read books too fast

"How Do You Read So Fast?" 9 Struggles Only Speed-Readers Understand

The idea sounded interesting and made me think about a few things myself. Before I get into too much detail, what is the Three Book Diet? It is about reading fewer books and really taking your time to think about what you read. Chris Brogan points out the problem better than I could:. We read, looking for a tiny spark of an idea, a little nugget, but we never sit with it all. We never work to implement it. He also suggests a solution: Slow down and read only three books in the next year.
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How I Read Books (UNIQUE METHOD)

How do you know you're not jumping too quickly between books? This is where Fractal Reading earns its stripes. If a book's metadata hasn't.

10 Solutions for Kids Who Read Too Fast

But I remember the trailer , in which Travolta gets zapped by an eerie light and wakes up with the power to read books a day. Sure, he can do lots of other things, too, like move things with his mind. But it was the speed reading I was most envious of. How can you get through them more quickly? Last year, I read the most amount of books I ever have, smashing my previous record by ten and surpassing my goal for the year. When it suggested skimming all of the text first, I felt had.

This has been a flat out awful week. First, atrocities in Orlando, and the struggle for the British media to represent such an occurrence in a way appropriate this is not the right word to a targeted attack upon the LGBT community, and then the day before yesterday, MP Jo Cox dying at the hands of a man who was certainly unwell and seems to have been poisoned by nationalist rhetoric. One of the few things to emerge out of the sickening mass of noise is that it is now really very hard to find any words, let alone the right ones. It has, however, never been more important to keep trying. I suggest reading The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson, which is, among other things, a brilliant lesson in how to do this. Her pen is a scalpel, but there is no pain inflicted by her words, she is showing us the language we all need.

Back in junior high and high school, this was a question I got a lot. Not only were my friends slightly awed by how much I enjoyed reading, they also couldn't believe how fast I read. I never really thought of myself as a fast reader; if a book was good enough, I just didn't want to put it down until I was finished. Reading theory experts debate whether speed-reading is actually a thing , and I've never tested how many words I can read per minute, but anecdotally speaking, I've come across other people who, like me, just tend to read a little bit faster. Research has shown that there aren't absurdly large gaps in the number of words read per minute by faster readers versus slower readers, and it doesn't have anything to with intelligence.

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It can be challenging for young readers to read at the right pace. Some kids read too slowly, while others read too fast. Reading too fast may seem like a somewhat unlikely problem. What do you think—does this sound like good reading to you? Remember that child who reads too fast? Listen to what a difference it makes when that same child slows down to a normal pace. Send me the weekly e-newsletter for great tips on reading and spelling.

Is Speed Reading for You? A re you an efficient reader? W hat kind of reader are you? Y ou will know in a few minutes after you have completed this free online speed reading test. Y ou will get your reading speed as soon as you have finished your timed reading. Y ou may then perform a comprehension test with a series of questions about the text you have just read. The Reading Highway.


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  2. I'd consider it a blessing! I tend to suffer the same problem. A lot of people would envy us. Try to slow down and process what you are reading. Think like this.

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