Middle school books to read in class

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middle school books to read in class

Middle School Books Recommended by Teachers | Reading and Writing Haven

This post is for you. Keep reading for middle school books recommended by teachers. A month ago, someone wrote to me, asking for recommendations for eighth grade students. As I thought about her request, I could completely relate. Wanting to help, I posted on Instagram , asking teachers to recommend books they think fit these requirements: challenging yet appropriate.
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The Best Books for Middle School According to My Students 2019

This is the fourth year that my students have gathered what they deem the very best books that they read this year and shared their recommendations with the world. As always we have favorites that seem to pop up every year, but this year we also had a lot of new titles join the mix. Some of these are fine for all 7th graders, some are more mature, I am including them all so that you can make your own decision. All parents are informed of the range of books that are present in our classroom library so that students can choose something that speaks to them. Not all of these books are in my library but are books that the students have found and read independently. It was interesting to see just how many of these books I myself had read and book-talked, as well as how many have been favorites two or more years in a row. There were also many of these books that were book-talked by more than one student such as Until Friday Night, Yummy, Scythe, and the Mortal Instruments.

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What do you remember reading in middle school? Nowadays, it can be hard to get kids to read books because they have more distractions and demands on their time than ever. Yet research shows that reading improves content knowledge, fluency, and vocabulary. On top of all that, it provides life lessons along the way, so reading is still an essential skill to have even in our digital era. But finding engaging middle school books that students can read inside or outside of the classroom can be a challenge.

By Hannah Trierweiler Hudson. Experts weigh in on the new middle school canon. Does Holden Caulfield matter any more? What do you do? Of course, our job is to help kids learn to think about books—even ones they may not like. Some of the books currently being taught felt dated when we were in school.

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  1. Aug 15, Want to know the best middle school books to use in your classes? It is when students process what they've read in these books that they.

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