Best french books to read for beginners

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best french books to read for beginners

10 Great French Novels Learn French for All Levels-Talk in French

Reading is a true source of pleasure and often a relaxing hobby to undertake. It can also be a very handy learning tool to practice your French and put your comprehension skills to good use. Reading books in French is a fantastic way to complement your studies by increasing your vocabulary and improving your understanding of written grammatical rules. While you are learning new things, you also get the enjoyment of reading a nice book during your free time through the day or before you head to bed at night. This can be perfect motivation to continue reading and continually learn more vocabulary along the way.
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[French for beginners] 145 minutes to learn French grammar

10 Unbelievably Good Books for French Learners

You decide to learn French! You have signed up for a course in a language school to study French! But the lessons are not enough and you want to learn more French! Why not start reading! Students often ask their teacher what the most popular French books are. If you love reading books in your mother tongue, then you'll like to do so in French and in addition, you will improve your vocabulary and grammar at the same time.

Pulling any old French book off the shelf can be a daunting task. Never fear; learning French through literature can be an easy and pleasant experience, provided you have a bit of guidance and your library has a good foreign language section. While the realism of the book is based in imagination, many of the expressions and ideas expressed in the book can be difficult and for a first-time reader to understand. What does that mean for readers? Games may be slightly different, slang is a bit outdated and the uniforms and separation of boys and girls in the s French school system may be a bit old-fashioned.


I was wondering if anyone here could recommend some good novels for French learners. What books if any did you read while learning French in your earlier stages? Where did you get them? J'aime Lire by Bayard Jeunesse. Sometimes you can find a bundle of them for sale on EBay. They are booklets published for 7 - 12 year olds. They include the main story and then there are some comics and quizzes at the back of the book.

But what if the road to fluency was paved with books you could read for pleasure? The biggest stumbling block to reading books is vocabulary. But reading books that are right for your current level will sharpen and add to your existing vocabulary. You can even learn a lot of words without looking up the definitions, simply through context. Similarly, reading is great for improving your grammar , as it allows you to see grammar in context as opposed to just hypothetical examples.

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  1. Below is my French reading list of books that I have personally read and recommend to my students.

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