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speed reading app for pdf

Speed-reading pdfs using the “Spritz” technique | software for scholars

When there's so much to read yet so little time to do it, being a fast reader sure does help. You could certainly just practice reading faster on your own with a stopwatch or timer, but chances are you might improve quicker by using a speed reading app that teaches you how to become a proper speed reader at a pace the works best for you. Learning how to read faster is really only half the battle. Absorbing and understanding the information as you read it at a lightning speed is the real challenge. Here are seven of the best speed reading apps to use on your smartphone, tablet or even the regular web for advancing your reading skills. Spreeder not only offers state-of-the-art speed reading software to its users but a wealth of expert training resources too. Designed to help you learn how to read three or more times faster than your normal reading rate, Spreeder gives you access to a speed reading tool that you can customize to speed read at a comfortable pace along with guided training and progress reports you can use to advance your reading skills as quickly and as effectively as possible.
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Published 14.10.2019

This Is Readline! Like SpritzApp ORP Speed Reading App. Also Supports Speed Reading PDF Files! Yay!

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Best Speed Reading Apps

You get the idea once you look at the Spritz website. I immediately thought that this could be a way for me to read all those texts that I have to read as an academic a lot faster. I am a very slow reader for three reasons: the first is that I look up every other reference and almost all footnotes. Sometimes I get so distracted that I even look up some of the references and start reading those instead and so on. Another reason is that when I read an interesting paragraph of sentence, that often triggers my own thoughts and associations and I start wandering off, thinking about how I might integrate that idea into my own text or whatever.

Machine-assisted speed reading uses a wide variety of techniques such as "meta guiding" using a pointer and "rapid serial visual presentation" RSVP or displaying words in rapid succession to massively increase your reading speed from the average of words per minute. Check out the best speed reading apps on Android and iOS. Spreeder does a little bit of everything in that it serves as a speed reading training course, machine-assisted speed reading tool, and social media sharing platform. Spreeder comes with a guided speed reading course and a wealth of free, public domain texts across a variety of difficulty levels that you can use to practice on or learn something new. You can add web links, plain text or import documents and ebooks. The app's cloud-based library lets you sync across multiple devices, and puts all your docs right at your fingertips.

Where Can I Experience Spritz?

Enter a URL, upload a file or paste some text, and hit Readsy! Enter URL. Files deleted hourly. Might take a few seconds, depending on how big the file is. Completed 0 words out of 0. Word No. Bookmarklet is here: Readsy.

Admittedly, I am a slow reader. This is where technology can help with speed reading apps. Speed reading apps can help us read faster without sacrificing reading comprehension. Some speed reading apps even allow you to track your progress. Another cool feature in some of these apps is the ability to download some of the content you already own as well as uploading content from websites and news stands. You can sync your account through your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and website.

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