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how jesus became god pdf free download

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It is time — well past time, some of you may think — for a new thread. And one is oh-so-ready-to-hand. I am unusually eager for that to happen. But this is that one that I think is the really important one — in its way, more important than Misquoting Jesus , and all the rest. It may sound a bit outlandish, crazy, or over the top, but I think a case can be made that the question of how Jesus became God is one of the most important questions for the history of Western Civilization.
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Dr. Shabir Ally reviews "How Jesus Became God?" by Bart Ehrman

How Jesus Became God by Bart D. Ehrman (Excerpt)

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Ehrman, who has written prolifically about early Christianity, here takes up one of religious history s most profound questions: How did a messianic Jewish preacher become identified as God? This is a particularly astonishing phenomenon when one considers how fast it happened and how different the idea of Jesus as God was from Jesus actual message. Ehrman writes very personally, especially in the beginning, and this approach draws the reader into a subject that is littered with curves and contradictions. Eventually, all writers who tackle this topic must answer the fundamental question: Did Jesus followers actually see a resurrected Christ? Ehrman sets up his answer well, first considering the various interpretations of divine humanity in ancient times.

Yet not long after his death, his followers were claiming that he was a divine being. Eventually they went even further, declaring that he was none other than God, Lord of heaven and earth. And so the question: How did a crucied peasant come to be thought of as the Lord who created all things? How did Jesus become God? The full irony of this question did not strike me until recently, when I was taking a long walk with one of my closest friends. As we talked, we covered a number of familiar topics: books we had been reading, movies we had seen, philosophical views we were thinking about. Eventually we got around to talking about religion.

and Bible expert Bart Ehrman reveals how Jesus’s divinity became dogma. heart of the Christian faith is that Jesus of Nazareth was, and is, God. to the affirmation at the heart of Christianity: Jesus was, and is, God.
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