A child of hitler alfons heck pdf

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a child of hitler alfons heck pdf

(PDF) The Hitler Youth: the “Other” Victims of the Nazi Regime | Grainne Feick - donkeytime.org

A Child of Hitler: Germany in the Days when God Wore a Swastika is the reconstructed autobiography of Alfons Heck's experience as a heavily indoctrinated and ultimately high-ranking leader in the Hitler Youth from the beginning of the Nazi Regime to its demise. Heck later went on to speak publicly about his experience under the Nazi Regime and persistently maintains that despite the evil of Hitler's regime, he had nothing but absolute adoration for Hitler until the very end of the war. The book as a whole shows the incredible power of the Nazi youth propaganda machine. Alfons Heck was born in in the Rhineland in Wittlich, Germany. At age 6, he entered elementary school just as the Nazi Party was coming to power. While his parents were anti-Nazi, Alfons's stubborn and powerful grandmother had managed to browbeat his mother into letting her and Alfons's grandfather raise him as their own. As a result, there was little to keep him out of the Hitler Youth.
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Hitler Youth - WWII Documentary

All children must, of course, finish the primary school . 1 Alfons Heck, A Child of Hitler: Germany in the Days When God Wore a Swastika (Phoenix, AZ.

Alfons Heck

Alfons Heck and Hitler Youth Indoctrination. H A34 I am a senior history major and education minor. I have had a fascination with history for a long time, especially ancient Mediterranean and 20th century European history. Part of my interest in the Hitler Youth and their education and indoctrination comes from my own interest in pursuing a career in education.

In the s, decades after he immigrated to the United States via Canada , Heck began to write candidly of his youthful military experiences in news articles and two books. Thereafter, he entered into a partnership with Jewish Holocaust survivor Helen Waterford, each presenting their differing wartime circumstances before more than audiences, most notably in schools and colleges. Heck was born in the Rhineland. He was raised by his grandparents at their farm in the crossroads wine country community of Wittlich , Germany. When he entered school at the age of 6, he and his classmates were first exposed to effective Nazi indoctrination by their virulently-nationalistic teacher.

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  2. Helen Waterford was already a young woman, married with a child, when she went into hiding in Amsterdam because she was Jewish.

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