Oracle performance tuning interview questions pdf

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oracle performance tuning interview questions pdf

Oracle Performance Tuning Interview Questions And Answers

Throughout the year we hear from lots of customers and get many questions about managing Oracle Database. In this blog, I thought I would try and provide some answers to common diagnostics and tuning questions with the help of our product manager and residence expert for Oracle Database Manageability, Deba Chatterjee. Deba has a wealth of database performance tuning experience both inside and outside of Oracle managing large data warehouses. I recently sat down with Deba and had a chat about database manageability. Scott McNeil: Deba, we get many people asking questions about database performance—many still don't know about all the deep diagnostics capabilities Oracle Enterprise Manager 12 c has to offer for Oracle Database. I highly recommend people watch the webcast to get a better understanding of the capabilities you mentioned.
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Oracle 11g Performance Tuning Demo Session

If you're looking for Oracle Performance Tuning Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place. There are lot of opportunities from many.

Oracle Performance Tuning Interview Questions & Answers

In continuation of the previous article, where I covered the top Oracle interview questions , in this article I have included a set of interview questions on the advanced topics of Oracle. I hope it would be helpful to the candidates who are at the intermediate level. Good knowledge on these questions will help any job seeker to clear the interview successfully. Given below are the most important Oracle Interview Questions on Advanced Topics along with the answers. Q 1 Why do we use materialized view instead of table or views? If materialized views are used instead of tables or views in complex query executions, performance gets enhanced as re-execution is not required for repeated queries.

What are the major focuses of Performance tuning? Ans: Performance tuning focuses primarily on writing efficient SQL, allocating appropriate computing resources, and analyzing wait events and contention in a system. How does Oracle aid performance tuning? This is a area where our technical knowledge must be used along with constant experimentation and observation. What are the approaches towards performance tuning? Ans: We can follow either a systematic approach or a reactive approach for performance tuning. What is a systematic approach to performance tuning?

One of the biggest responsibilities of a DBA is to ensure that the Oracle database is tuned properly. One should do performance tuning for the following reasons: The speed of computing might be wasting valuable human time users waiting for response ; Enable your system to keep-up with the speed business is conducted; and Optimize hardware usage to save money companies are spending millions on hardware. Although this FAQ is not overly concerned with hardware issues, one needs to remember than you cannot tune a Buick into a Ferrari. One should implement a monitoring system to constantly monitor the following aspects of a database. If an alarm is triggered, the system should automatically notify the DBA e-mail, page, etc. Consider the following areas for tuning. The order in which steps are listed needs to be maintained to prevent tuning side effects.

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Oracle Performance Tuning Interview Questions and Answers

Whether you are a developer creating web applications, a DBA or a tester involve in web testing, SQL skills are important both in database programming and database validation. SQL performance tuning is a tough task and key in handling the increasing load on a web application.


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