Introduction to comparative politics kesselman pdf

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introduction to comparative politics kesselman pdf

Introduction to Comparative Politics and Chapter 1 Kesselman - Comparative Politics

But can account for one or more free response questions. The topics are:. Purpose and methods of comparison and classification. Ways to organize government. Normative and empirical questions. Comparative Politics
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Introduction to Comparative Politics pdf download

Scaling Down: The Subnational Comparative Method

Studies in Comparative International Development. Subnational units of analysis play an increasingly important role in comparative politics. Although many recent studies of topics such as ethnic conflict, economic policy reform, and democratization rely on comparisons across subnational political units, insufficient attention has been devoted to the methodological issues that arise in the comparative analysis of these units. To help fill this gap, this article explores how subnational comparisons can expand and strengthen the methodological repertoire available to social science researchers. First, because a focus on subnational units is an important tool for increasing the number of observations and for making controlled comparisons, it helps mitigate some of the characteristic limitations of a small-N research design. Second, a focus on subnational units strengthens the capacity of comparativists to accurately code cases and thus make valid causal inferences.

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Why are some states democratic? How can conflict be managed? What difference does civil society make to political outcomes? Do political institutions matter? All of these questions can be answered by comparing the experiences of different countries. This unit introduces students to the comparative study of politics and government. Students will become familiar with a broad range of theories and concepts used in comparative studies of politics.

The polarizing election of Donald Trump. The dramatic Brexit vote. The impeachment of Brazil's president. Russia's drift toward authoritarianism. Updated to reflect today's contentious political climate, the text offers a country-by-country approach that allows you to examine similarities and differences among countries and within and between political systems. Each chapter offers descriptions and analyses of a country's politics, political challenges and changing agendas.

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