Rpg 400 reference manual pdf

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rpg 400 reference manual pdf

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It was available in two versions, viz. It is a fixed format, column based language, i. That means a specific intruction has to be typed in specific column only. This column arrangement also does not remain the same through out the program. The column arrangement is different declaration or operation.
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c0918160 RPG 400 User's Guide

Having performed a good deal of searching of the internet I have been able to find copies of both of these manuals in a dark corner of the IBM website. The manuals are from That may seem a long time ago for a "current" manual, but RPG3 has not been enhanced since RPG4 was introduced 23 years ago. I have uploaded both of these PDF files to my Dropbox account, and you can reach them by using the following links:. Having given you these links I trust you will only refer to these manuals to remind yourself of some of the anachronisms of old RPG, rather than use to develop new code. Are you sure IBM is okay with you posting the manuals in your dropbox account? I've been told their copyright prohibits people from posting copies of the manuals anywhere.

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It has a number of unusual features, including: an implied processing loop; and that it is a fixed-format programming language, so that programs are difficult to read without a special debugging template. RPG II is a fixed-format programming language, which means that code must be placed in exact column locations in order to generate correct results. There are eight different specification types, and separate coding forms are used to write each, and a special debugging template [1] used as an aid to read program printouts. Every RPG II program executes within an implied loop, the program cycle , which applies the program successively to every record of a file - this is documented via a "Logic Flow" diagram on the debugging template. The concept of RPG's program cycle fitted neatly with a cyclical machine that read cards, summarised their contents and prints a result, rather like a tabulating machine. The language was extended to handle other input and output devices and provides a fast and efficient method of programming.


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