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Facial Action Coding System - Paul Ekman Group

Friesen, and published in Hager published a significant update to FACS in Due to subjectivity and time consumption issues, FACS has been established as a computed automated system that detects faces in videos, extracts the geometrical features of the faces, and then produces temporal profiles of each facial movement. Using FACS [8] human coders can manually code nearly any anatomically possible facial expression, deconstructing it into the specific action units AU and their temporal segments that produced the expression. As AUs are independent of any interpretation, they can be used for any higher order decision making process including recognition of basic emotions , or pre-programmed commands for an ambient intelligent environment. It also defines a number of Action Descriptors, which differ from AUs in that the authors of FACS have not specified the muscular basis for the action and have not distinguished specific behaviors as precisely as they have for the AUs.
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The Development of the Facial Action Coding System - Part 3

Inner Brow Raiser. Frontalis, pars medialis.

Facial Action Coding System

Tion-based inferences from FACS codes, a variety economics an introductory analysis paul samuelson pdf of related resources exist. AU, Description, Facial muscle, Example image. Inner Brow Raiser. TDLC workshop August Computer Expression Recognition Toolbox. What the Face Reveals: Basic and Applied. Studies of Spontaneous Expression Using the.

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Journal of Nonverbal Behavior. Little is known, however, about inter-observer reliability in coding the occurrence, intensity, and timing of individual FACS action units. The present study evaluated the reliability of these measures. Observational data came from three independent laboratory studies designed to elicit a wide range of spontaneous expressions of emotion. Emotion challenges included olfactory stimulation, social stress, and cues related to nicotine craving. Facial behavior was video-recorded and independently scored by two FACS-certified coders. Overall, we found good to excellent reliability for the occurrence, intensity, and timing of individual action units and for corresponding measures of more global emotion-specified combinations.


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