Tips for starting a novel

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tips for starting a novel

How to Start Writing a Novel | Curtis Brown Creative

When first starting out in my early 20s, I tried the write and hope approach. This meant starting with an idea and some characters, and seeing where it took me. This is the kind of thing Stephen King advocates in his book On Writing. So, in frustration, I decided to put a plan in place next time around. And guess what, it worked.
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How to Begin Writing a Novel When You Don’t Know What to Do

Have you resolved to start writing a novel this year? Have you been mulling over a good story idea for a book for years but failing to actually sit down and get it started? Or are you feeling the creative urge but struggling to make it take shape as a coherent story? Writing a novel is a daunting prospect, so here are some tips from Curtis Brown Creative director and tutor of our Starting to Write Your Novel Course Anna Davis on how to get started…. Writing a book is both amazing and also, at times, a difficult slog. It could be the famous dawn session that many people wake up to each day; it might mean grabbing an hour to write every afternoon while your baby sleeps, or taking your laptop or notebook on your train journeys to and from work. Perhaps you can manage three hours on a Sunday afternoon but not during the week at all.

2. Apply the litmus test

But what better time to remedy that than at the beginning of a new year, a sort of metaphorical blank page itself? - You want to write a novel?

But I told you about it six years ago! It involves nothing but thought, and listening to my gut. Because writing a book is the equivalent of a literary marathon, and not every concept has what it takes to go the distance. From Therese Walsh, WriterUnboxed. You have an idea for a novel — a rough idea. Brainstorming your idea is crucial. Most ideas are, well, just good ideas.

It was a simple if not overused phrase but it had the power to immediately transport me to another time and place. Once I heard those four magical words, I was primed and pumped. In your first page, you offer a promise to the reader. It persuades them to stick the story until the end. Writing the beginning of a novel is hard work. Heck-- writing the beginning of a blog post isn't easy, either. The beginning of your novel is not always the beginning of your story.

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