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arthur c clarke novels list

Arthur C. Clarke - Book Series In Order

Arthur C. This book is a little collection of these early works. It includes When he was seven years old, a major earthquake killed Lewis Crane's parents. As an adult, Crane has dedicated his life to protecting humanity from a similar tragedy. He's a Nobel-winning earthquake scientist, and the founder of the Foundation-an org Martin Steelman is a senior United States Senator.
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2010: Odyssey Two by Arthur C. Clarke (Audiobook)

The following is a list of works by Arthur C. Clarke. Contents. 1 Series. A Space Odyssey . An Arthur C. Clarke Omnibus () (including Childhood's End, Prelude to Great SF Novels () (including The City and the Stars, The Deep Range, New York: Harper and Row, , The Scottie Book of Space Travel.

Popular Arthur C Clarke Books

Clarke Kt. It is loosely inspired by Clarke's short story "The Sentinel", but it became its own novel while he was collaborating on a screen play with Stanley Kubrick. Kubrick approached Mr. Clarke about writing a novel for the express purpose of making "the proverbial good science-fiction movie", and the novel was still being written while the film was being made. This resulted in one of the truly unique collaborations in media history. He has written numerous other books, including the Rama novels and several sequels to , and many short stories.

Type: Preset list created by Waldstein. Members: 1 participating member show all. Lists: Waldstein 1. Waldstein 1 : Written in the summer of for exactly 20 days, "a record I have never since approached" as Arthur confides. Pure space propaganda, but an excellent achievement for a guy not yet 30 with very little experience in writing fiction. Lists: Waldstein 2.

Few names are as prominent within the science fiction genre as Arthur C. With over one hundred books to his name, many of Arthur C. The writer died in Arthur Charles Clarke was the son of a farmer. Before trying his hand at writing fiction, Arthur dabbled in scientific research; it was during his work as a radar instructor in WWII that he posited the idea of satellite communications. This was in a scientific article he wrote in some decades before the idea ever manifested practically. Along with predictions of uniquely powerful inventions such as advanced computers, super fast communications and space shuttles, Arthur C.

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Followed by 61 of our members. Space Trilogy 1. Islands in the Sky 2. Earthlight 3. The Sands of Mars Space Odyssey 1. Rama 1.


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