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love is love graphic novel

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Recently Anna Waugh, an English teacher in Texas, wrote a piece offering an inside glimpse of the process that led to her old school banning the comic anthology Love is Love. In the spring of , Waugh and her colleagues at Irving High School decided to put together a social justice graphic novel unit. What followed was the sudden removal of all six novels from the unit because of one LGBT-themed text. This was followed by silence from leadership, an eventual cover-up by the district, and a new policy gatekeeping teacher-selected materials. The principal, along with the department chair, and several other colleges all attended the grant presentation that Waugh and her college Carol Revelle put together. Revelle, the team lead for the project, has a Ph.
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'Love Is Love' Comic Anthology Honors, Mourns Pulse Nightclub Victims

Love is love is a difficult book to review. Only a theme: Love transcends all and all Love is the same. Whether it is hetrosexual, homosexual, a sexual etc. Love comes in many forms but there is no true secular love. Not out of choice I just rarely interact with them. So perhaps this book is aimed directly at me.

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The school principal had suggested seeking funding through the Irving Schools Foundation and attended the grant presentation made to receive the grant. - If you haven't heard about Love is Love now is the time to check it out.

On June 12, , 49 people lost their lives and 53 people were injured at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. He wanted to prove that Love Is Love …. What thoughts first crossed your mind, in what it meant to you and to the gay community at large? Marc Andreyko : Initially, I got sick — felt punched in the gut and had dry-heaves for a few minutes. And I initially flashed back emotionally to the darkest days of the AIDS crisis, when death was swift and everywhere. In some ways, we had come so far, but in others… well, hate is really hard to extinguish sometimes.

There is an answer, however, as to how to react to such visceral violence: love. The page comic offers vignettes ranging from personal essays and poems sharing grief, to more lighthearted strips reminding readers that being in the LGBTQ community is something worth celebrating. The author said most of the writers and artists he reached out to said yes before he could finish asking. Superheroes must also find a way to cope with the tragedy in Love Is Love. In a comic written by Marc Guggenheim, Batman goes to investigate the scene of the shooting, searching for answers. He finds none. The anthology touches on subjects including gun control, acceptance of different lifestyles, and the enduring love that lets humans keep going in the face of unspeakable tragedy.

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