2 moons the series novel translation

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2 moons the series novel translation

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I tried until episode 8 but now I'm giving up and post it here as a discussion. That's just easier and everyone can write something. I love Thai series, mostly BL series, I admit but seriously is there any country that makes them so cute and cuddly? But still, even though, I like these shows, I normally avoid pre-watching an episode without subs I love this series so much, I just pre-watch the episodes without subs and even though I pretty much understand nothing, I giggle and cringe and smile and enjoy watching it so much.
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2 Moons The Series Ep2 [English Subbed]

2 Moons The Series

The new series is now being anticipated for fresh materials come Episode 5. Update: Premiere episode [or Episode 0 as it was described by the team] is slated for June 22nd! A teaser trailer has just been released! Anusorn and the production team has released the trailer! My reaction to this video after the jump!

Sign in. Mary Elizabeth Winstead takes a cue from her latest film Gemini Man to prepare her younger self for a life in Hollywood. Watch now. Title: 2 Moons: The Series —. It focuses on Outlaws of love. It started with a bickering.

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The second or maybe even the third season of 2Moons the series will be overloaded with drama and sensuality, at last we will have the opportunity to see the one that seems to me the most acclaimed and desired couple by the fans: ForthBean, who from the beginning of their relationship give us a sex scene too erotic - these guys do not waste time - the big question is how will we show this in the series? Those who have read the novel agree that the intimate moment between Forth and Bean is not wasteful, lets us see facets of the characters that we were unknown, facets that most certainly will not see in the series since they are not porno actors and there is censorship. Too bad for us. The six protagonists will be affected by the damage done to our little angel Wayo, problems in paradise ladies and gentlemen, but calm, not panic, because the love of this pair of moons is stronger and do not skimp on romantic scenes, tender and others so erotic as to make my nose bleed, my question comes back How will they show us this in the series? Without a doubt we will miss one of the most important moments between Pha and Wayo, well, at least we have the imagination, and the novel at our disposal to read and relive those scenes a thousand times.

Wayo is accepted at the Kantaphat University, in the Faculty of Sciences; in the same institution he studies, Phana, a second-year boy he has always been in love with, though he never managed to talk to him. When Wayo has the chance to become the "moon" of his faculty, the two will begin to spend time together because Phana himself has been the "moon" of the medical school the previous year and must supervise the freshmen participating in the competition. Despite initially the strong character of Phana makes it difficult for Wayo any more simple interaction, the two slowly get closer and closer. So, Wayo began to visit friends of Phana, Beam and Kit; it is the latter who suddenly falls in love with Ming, Wayo's best friend, who begins to court him despite his initial haste. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. October 16,

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  1. This is an English translation of the 2nd Book written by Chiffon_cake based on her second original book เดือนเกี้ยวเดือน. Synopsis: Wayo Panitchayasawad (Yo) is a freshman at a university that his long time love, Phana Kongthanin (Pha), is a second-year student at. Discover how Yo.

  2. Note: All characters and timeline in the story is based on the Thai BL TV Series "2 Moons" Written by ChiffonCake. This is an English Translation version only.

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