Hataraku maou sama light novel translation

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hataraku maou sama light novel translation

[LN] Hataraku Maou-sama Volume 4 - 17 PDF

Volume 1- 3 has been already adapted in anime Better watch the anime first. Thanks for giving as volume 15 and May i know when volume 17 will be puplished?? Volume 17 are not translated yet. I will update it once it's already been translated :.
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The Birth of Alas Ramus

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If we take Yesod into account and the fact that they give a huge power boost, Emi would now be stronger than Maou in terms of just power because she has 4 Yesod fragments with her while Maou has only 2 Yesod fragments. However, I would say that even if Emi is stronger in power, she is shown to be skilled in using the holy sword i. She is also described as not being the smart one and leaves the planning and strategising to Olba and Emerada. Maou would be more of an all rounder. He learns techniques from other people, is good at hand to hand combat, sword techniques and decent in magic. Emi even said that Maou put up a magic barrier and erased all the memories of the people involved which she would be unable to do. He is also shown to be adaptable, capable of strategising and using whatever unorthodox means he can use to win.

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Chapter 3 At MgRonalds, when Maou saw Chiho and Suzuno come the two who confessed to him , he was so shocked that he hid beneath the cashier. Accepting, rejecting or scolding them, there are a lot of choices, but Maou cannot chose because he felt lost. After work, Iwaki the new manager summoned Maou, Kawada and Akiko and told them that the store will be lent out for the whole day tomorrow. Normally, this would not be possible, but the borrower was Ooguro Amane, the area manager of Shiba Industries, and Shiba Industries was an important shareholder of the MgRonalds in Japan, so they made an exception. And the borrower also requested to have the three of them and Libicocco on duty, and Iwaki and Kisaki would also be there.

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