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qian shan mu xue novel

Seoul In Love Now ~♥: Chinese Drama ♦ Sealed with a Kiss / 千山暮雪 Drama ~♥

The series was popular and developed a cult following online. Hawick Lau, who portrayed the male lead, was likened to the Asian version of Christian Grey. Orphaned as a child, Tong Xue lives under the care of her maternal uncle. While she was working at a cafe, she caught the attention of Mo Shaoqian, chairman of Yunzhong Corporation. Little does she know that her father once betrayed Yunzhong Corporation and indirectly caused the death of Mo Shaoqian's father. The company was plunged into a serious crisis and Mo was forced to enter into a political marriage with Mu Yongfei, heiress to Mu corporation in order to save his company.
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sealed with a kiss / 千山暮雪/chinese drama/all kisses

Just discovered this show 2 days ago and just finished it, can't seem to get it off my mind. Loved every minute of it. Hi there.. Please let me know.. Finished it within three days one of my favorites for sure I wish I could read the novel but it's nowhere to be found Strongly recommend watching this drama. Such a nice drama, isn't it?

Since I've been asked a few times to translate the Sealed with a Kiss novel, I've decided to go ahead with this project. It's going to be a monumental task for me. I can't guarantee my command of the Chinese language will be good enough to do justice to the tone of Tong Xue's narration and the writing style in this novel, but I'll do my best. Be warned. This translation process will be very slow and tedious, so please be patient with me. Comments will always be appreciated.

Hawick Lau is getting increasingly popular! Too bad I'm not such a big fan of his. Hmmmm, I'll keep this one in mind, but I don't think I'll be watching. Lately, I don't feel like watching Asian TV shows because the dubbing company is sooo bad! I rather watch original with subtitles, but it's hard work LOL.

After coming back to school from T city, I was down with the flu, a few consecutive days of fever, even the first two exams of the finals were a hazy memory amidst my high fever. I walked alone from the subway station back to school with calling for a cab or taking the public bus, walking until I was exhausted. When the waiter led him to the table, I was floored.
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