What novel inspired arthur miller to become a writer

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what novel inspired arthur miller to become a writer

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His father was a manufacturer of women's clothing, and his mother was a schoolteacher. Arthur Miller was inspired to become a writer shortly after graduating high school when he read The Brothers Karamazov. Although he originally picked it up because he thought it was a detective story, Miller became fascinated by Dostoevsky's novel, and it aroused in him a love of serious literature. He would later refer to it as "the great book of wonder". The play would then go unproduced for more than fifty years until director Dan Fields finally staged a revival in The play would win many other awards as well. Cobb as Willy Loman, enjoyed a run of performances.
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Why so Many People Want to Be Writers

A collection of trivia questions about American playwright Arthur Miller. 2) What novel inspired Arthur Miller to become a writer? JANE EYRE OF MICE AND.

Biography of Arthur Miller, Major American Playwright

Miller's public life was painted in part by his rocky marriage to Hollywood sex symbol Marilyn Monroe. The playwright died in at the age of 89, leaving a body of work that continues to be re-staged internationally and adapted for the screen. His father, Isidore, owned a successful coat manufacturing business, and his mother, Augusta, to whom he was closer, was an educator and an avid reader of novels. The affluent Miller family lost almost everything in the Wall Street Crash of , and had to move from Manhattan to Flatbush, Brooklyn. After graduating high school, Miller worked a few odd jobs to save enough money to attend the University of Michigan. While in college, he wrote for the student paper and completed his first play, No Villain , for which he won the school's Avery Hopwood Award.

Arthur Miller died Thursday night at his home in Roxbury, Conn. For decades the nation's pre- eminent playwright, Miller not only defined the destructive side of the American dream in "Salesman" and other works, he embodied the dream's promise as the son of an immigrant who achieved enormous success. He also, in the person of his second wife -- international sex icon Marilyn Monroe -- could be said to have married that dream. In a career that spanned more than half a century, Arthur Miller wrote 25 plays -- many almost as highly regarded as "Salesman" -- as well as screenplays, essays, stories, novels and an autobiography, "Timebends. Kennedy Award for Lifetime Achievement in

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His many dramas were among the most popular by American authors and several are considered to be among the best American plays, among them the classics, The Crucible, All My Sons, A View from the Bridge and, above all, the iconic American drama, Death of a Salesman. He also wrote film scripts, notably the classic, The Misfits. As an individual Miller attracted a great deal of attention during his lifetime, particularly in his early life, and was frequently in the headlines during the 40s, 50s and 60s. All of those events were the main talking topics in America when they occurred. Arthur Miller starring in the play All My Sons. The language of The Crucible , for example, begins on a high poetic note and just continues to rise throughout, which contributes to the intensity of the drama.

He is best known for Death of a Salesman He was 89 years old. He died of heart failure. Miller was shaped by the Great Depression , which brought financial ruin onto his father, a small manufacturer, and demonstrated to the young Miller the insecurity of modern existence. After graduation from high school he worked in a warehouse. With the money he earned he attended the University of Michigan B. His first public success was with Focus ; filmed [made-for-television] , a novel about anti-Semitism.

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