The irregular at magic high school light novel volume 18

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the irregular at magic high school light novel volume 18

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Black Sage was behind the explosion at the end of Volume The public starts to blame magicians for the bombing attack. Heigu apparently used a corpse instead of a living person to infiltrate their meeting location. This ignites the return of the Anti-Magician propaganda. The Ten Master Clans decide that they need to get to the bottom of this.
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Please see Template:Abandoned for further information about this classification. The novel began as a web novel serialization in " Let's Become a Novelist " on October 12, It then became the second web novel after " Sword Art Online ", to be commercialized and published by Dengeki in July An anime adaptation by Madhouse Studios was announced on October 6, , and the anime aired from April 5 to September 27, , for a total of 26 episodes. The Dengeki published volumes were edited, supplemented with more text on some occasions, and overall improved over the web versions. The web novel consisted of only 6 web chapters written covering the First Year arc, and the author has already planned for a total of 15 web chapters to cover the entire three years of Magic High School. As of August , web chapter 1 has been been compiled into volumes 1 and 2, and as of December , web chapter 2 has been compiled into volumes 3 and 4.


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It is universally recognized that "Humans should live by the power bestowed upon humans" so claims the anti-magic touting religious sub cult of Christians Heretics. Or, rather, it was a cover story used to boycott Magicians. Introducing one part of this creed is their claim that, "Miracles are only permitted for gods, everything that twists the creation of God's providence is the act of the devil. Humans must only live by the power bestowed upon them". February A. Humanist advocates claimed that the cause of this terror act was because of strife between Magicians, and that the Magicians let civilians die without helping them.

Spoiler for Vol. Maeda Chizuru is 3rd High School Principal. She also went to the 3rd High School with Ichijou Gouki. She was one year senior. She is very informal for a school principal, but she is hiding her true character while working as a principal. When she attended the 3rd High School, she was excelled in skill test without any equals.

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