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the tie that binds novel

THE TIE THAT BINDS by Kent Haruf | Kirkus Reviews

Neighbor and family friend Sanders Roscoe narrates the life story of 80 year old Edith Goodnough and how she came to be lying in a hospital bed accused of murder. Her long, unimaginable hard life is filled with tragedy and constant sacrifice as she lives with her wild exasperating father and thoughtless brother. Oh the life that might have been I just w. I just wanted to push Edith right out the door! Highly recommend this beautifully descriptive and powerful look at a woman of strength and labor-intensive farm life in Holt, Colorado. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.
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I too fell in love with his books and his writing. Thanks again for introducing me to Mr. Like Like. I almost think this particular book is better than Plainsong! I, too, have Where You Belong and will save it up ….

The Tie That Binds is a novel by Kent Haruf. It is the story of year-old Edith Goodnough of Holt County, Colorado, as told to an unnamed inquirer on a Sunday.
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As the story opens, Sanderson Roscoe is inside a corral working with cattle when a man who is dressed in yellow pants arrives. Sandy notes that the man can't figure out how to open the gate and climbs over, though his weight is not good for the gate. The man then tells Sandy that he's from the Denver Post and he's come to ask some questions about Edith Goodnough.

Thank you! A sentimental, wool-gathering first novel about an elderly Colorado farm woman who sets fire to her house to end the misery of her senile bachelor brother--and, in the process, her own deprived existence entwined in his as well. The narrator is the grown son of one of Edith Goodnough's ex-suitors--a swain who was brutally rejected not by Edith but by her sadistic and overbearing father Roy. And the life-story he tells is a miserable one: Edith endures through unrelenting physical work on the farm, which increases when Roy loses the use of his hands in an accident; she is cruelly abandoned when brother Lyman, semi-adolescent at 40, goes off to join WW II and doesn't reappear for 20 years; she has a few brief seasons of happiness with the returned Lyman; but then she sees it all turn to ashes with her brother's stunning mental deterioration. Haruf, having only this slender and linear plot to work with, tries to compensate with prairie-like stretches of old-storyteller chattiness: ""After that we all settled into our ruts again. And sometimes, looking at this story, it seems to me like that's about all it is: a series of independent ruts. Some of them lasted for four or five years and some lasted for twenty, but they were ruts just the same, a bunch of worn-out cow paths winding down occasionally to water and a bit of rest and maybe a good blow for a while over a block of salt, but then back again once more into all this Holt County sand.

Look Inside. Mar 21, ISBN May 12, ISBN Colorado, January Eighty-year-old Edith Goodnough lies in a hospital bed, IV taped to the back of her hand, police officer at her door. She is charged with murder. The clues: a sack of chicken feed slit with a knife, a milky-eyed dog tied outdoors one cold afternoon.

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  1. Edith Goodenough, the courageous daughter of Colorado homesteaders, finds herself bound by duty, love, and obligation to her crippled father and, by strength and determination, learns to live within the constraints of that responsibility.

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