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who wrote the novel lolita

Introduction to Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita/Summary of the plot - Wikiversity

Sally Horner was 11 years old when she was caught stealing a notebook from a corner store in her hometown of Camden, New Jersey, by a man named Frank La Salle, who claimed to be an FBI agent. La Salle said that Sally could avoid being sent to a reform school or worse only by staying in his good graces, a threat which turned into a month ordeal of kidnapping and rape as the two drove across the country posing as a father and daughter. AC: I was intrigued to learn you did graduate work in forensic science before becoming a full-time writer. For those of us who view that discipline through rosy, Dana-Scully-colored glasses, can you talk about what led you down that path, and whether you considered pursuing forensic science as a career? How does it influence your journalism today? I can combine my love of crime and science as a profession? But the only one who could really tell her story fully and properly is Sally herself.
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The True Crime Behind Nabokov's Lolita

After dusty years in my bookshelf, finally I decided to read "Lolita". I am blown away by this Vladimir Nabokov 's work, ironic and dramatic at the same time. I am not shocked, nor I have found those disastrous tones of an announced tragedy that I was expecting from this book.

Introduction to Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita/Summary of the plot

Lolita, of the Confession of a White Widowed Male by Vladimir Nabokov is a story about Humbert Humbert, a literature professor in his late thirties, obsessed with a twelve-year-old Dolores Haze. The novel consists of a preface, two parts and the author's annotation. The book starts with the foreword written by fictitious editor named John Ray, Jr. He states that he received Lolita' s manuscript from Humbert Humbert's lawyer and that Humbert died in jail waiting for a trial. Invented by Nabokov editor believes that Lolita should serve as a warning and a moral lesson for generations to come. The manuscript opens with Humbert's description of his background, family and peaceful childhood on the Rivera, where he met his first love, Annabel Leigh.

See a Problem?

Everyone knows the story of "Lolita" -- and no one knows it. Vladimir Nabokov 's novel is a totem in modern literature, an unflinching look at a monster who has been able to hide behind his education and manners. But it's also more than a classic of 20 th century literature. Writer and editor Sarah Weinman has published a long, powerful piece of historical reportage about the largely unknown real story that inspired Nabokov's tale. She was 11 years old and the thievery was her initiation into a girl's club.

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