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the high divide a novel

The High Divide - Workman Publishing

Thank you! The first quest is that of Ulysses Pope, who lives with his wife, Gretta, and two sons, Eli and Danny. For the previous year—in fact, ever since he was baptized—Gretta had noticed some strange behavior in her husband but nothing to make her think he'd leave home. Although Eli is only a teenager, he quickly decides to pursue his father to find out what happened. He tries to sneak away in the dead of night but finds that Danny has followed him; even though his brother is rather sickly, Eli lets him stay on the quest in pursuit of their father. The motive for his journey has been to try to make amends for his crime. There was a problem adding your email address.
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Prairie Pulse 1218; Lin Enger, Paul Olson

The High Divide , by Lin Enger.

Review: 'The High Divide,' by Lin Enger

Eli uncovers a clue: A note to his father from a woman in Bismarck, deeper in the Dakota territory, suggesting a relationship of sorts with Ulysses. Eli emerges as the most compelling character. His alternating anger at, and desperation for, his father drives him ever forward, caring little for comfort or coherence. Before crossing at the shallow ford north of town, they stopped to survey the country beyond the Yellowstone, rolling and dusty brown, buffalo grass as far as you could see, not a tree or a bush in sight except for what grew along the riverbank and bluffs. No shade and nowhere to hide.

Iowa Colo. Rate this book. Breathtaking portrait of the vast Plains landscape are matched by the rich expanse of characters' emotional terrain, as pivotal historical events blend seamlessly in this story of a family's sacrifice and devotion. In , Gretta Pope wakes one morning to discover that her husband is gone. Ulysses Pope has left his family behind on the far edge of Minnesota's western prairie, with only the briefest of notes and no explanation for why he left or where he's headed. It doesn't take long for Gretta's young sons, Eli and Danny, to set off after him, following the scant clues they can find, jumping trains to get where they need to go, and ending up in the rugged badlands of Montana.

The High Divide book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. “A deeply moving, gripping novel about one man's quest for redempt.
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In , Gretta Pope wakes one morning to discover that her husband is gone. Gretta has no choice but to search for her sons and her husband, leading her to the doorstep of a woman who seems intent on making Ulysses her own. He teaches at Minnesota State University Moorhead. Highly recommended. Enger is an author worth watching. Told with caring patience and precise language, The High Divide is a novel to get lost in.

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