Development of novel in 18th century

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development of novel in 18th century

(DOC) The English Novel of The 18th Century (Survey) | Ahmed Salah -

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Published 12.06.2019

"Gothified Histories': Eighteenth Century Gothic Novels and the Horrors of Writing British History"

The development of the English novel in the 18th century

The English novel took birth in the 16 th and 17 th centuries and reached a great height in the Age of Pope and Dr. The group of the first four novelists of the Augustan Age or Neo-classical age: Richardson, Smollett, Fielding, and Sterne, in whose hands Novel blossomed, are called the four wheels of the novel. The literature of the 17 th century flourished under the patronage of the upper classes. The 18 th century in England social history is characterised by the rise of the middle class. Because of tremendous growth in trade and commerce, the England merchant class was becoming wealthy and this newly rich class wanted to excel in the field of literature also.

Die literaturgeschichtliche Bedeutung des Aus dem pikaresken Roman mit seiner losen Reihung von Episoden episodic structure entwickelt sich der Roman, der eine Einheit der Handlung besitzt novel of incident. Der empfindsame Roman dokumentiert ein wachsendes Interesse am eigenen Ich und am inneren Erleben. Briefroman, Satire und Reiseroman erfreuen sich im The time between and is said to have brought forth the best works of English satire.

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Modern novel began to develop during the 18 th century. It was used to refer to a prose fiction which was new because it told stories about recent events. People, who were richer than before, could afford buying books and women had more time for reading because, after the industrial revolution, they had much free time at home: they could buy in shops the products which before were handmade in the houses. The professional writers began to appear. They did not have rich patrons but earned their living by writing essays and books.

The publication of Robinson Crusoe in was an extraordinary event in the history of literature. What distinguished Robinson Crusoe were elements that now seem essential to the novel as a genre. It told of an ordinary individual, even if his ordeals were extraordinary. It placed great emphasis on his inner life, though understood mostly in spiritual terms. In the first decades of the English novel, this was the most common word for what made a narrative believable.

Mariwan N. International Journal of Literature and Arts. Abstract: It is not by chance that the English Novel dates back to the Eighteenth century. This does not imply that nothing existed in the form of a novel before Then, Daniel Defoe made novel come to existence, completely. Nothing comes from nothing, even the greatest masterpieces of literature starts off from what was available from the previous eras. The novelist in the Eighteenth century had on one hand, the medieval romance and its successors; the courtly novel of Italy and France and the English stories.

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