How to memorize a book

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how to memorize a book

How to Memorize a Book - Memory Techniques Wiki

Then keep on reading… because… in this article you will learn how to memorize large amounts of texts. But you see, nowadays, in the age of printing and digital information, this old art of memorizing enormous texts has almost vanished. Today, if anyone would quote long passages from the Bible, then this would seem extraordinary. The good news is: anyone can develop an outstanding high-performance memory. NOT through hard work… but rather through patience, slow and steady progress. You will not use any memorization tricks aka mnemo-techniques with this method.
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Published 11.06.2019

How to Memorize Books - Memory Training How I memorized Martha Stewart's Magazine

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Here are steps to memorize a book: Step #1: prepare at least hundred loci. As you cannot predict how many locations you might need, be prepared to add.
the story of me and my dad book

Method of Loci


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  1. I left out that little itty bitty bit because I needed to first prove to myself that I could memorize a tech book, since it seemed like such a daunting task.

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