How to restore a book

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how to restore a book

3 Ways to Repair a Book's Binding - wikiHow

A book is a mobile device—one assembled for easy, interactive use and durable pleasure. Unfortunately, while most books are likely to remain usable longer than your iPhone, they don't always maintain their original condition. Enter the patient, devoted book restorer. His glasses are on a string! To get a sense for the enduring art of book restoration, look no further than this video from the Japanese television show The Fascinating Repairman.
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Paperback Book Repair: Save Your Books

Basics in Book Repair: Restoring Archived Books

I became interested in reading the old book "Moby Dick" because of a radio program where they discussed the qualities of the story. But when I went to all the bookstores, they only had drab dreary NEW copies of the book. They had NO pictures I have only restored 2 small paperbacks previously I don't claim to be a professional book-binder.

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Step 2: Line Up the Edges for Clamping

Old books are a charming link to the past, but quite a fragile one. Dust, mild stains, and pencil marks are fairly easy to remove. More serious damage from insects, acid, or damp is difficult but not impossible to repair. If you're treating an antique, you may want to place it in the hands of a professional. To clean an old book, remove stubborn dust by brushing it off with a dry paint brush or a soft toothbrush.

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  1. Technology continues to grow at an increasingly rapid rate, archived books will remain a vitally important aspect of our history, and our future.

  2. I have only restored 2 small paperbacks previously so this was a bit of a challenge for me. I don't claim to be a professional book-binder. That was not my goal.

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