How to make a stamp book

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how to make a stamp book

How to Make Stamp Album Pages | Our Pastimes

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“ Puiian_C ” How to make a stamps collections album . 如何制做一本集郵本。

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The blank spaces in an album have sunk many a collector as soon as their good ship of philately is launched. Luckily, the day of buying a huge album and attempting to fill it with thousands of stamps as the primary way to collect are over. You are not denigrated, the way the collector of earlier days sometimes was, if you don't collect the world. There are those who still attempt to fill as many places in their albums as possible. You can recognize them as they buy large lots of used stamps to sort through. As one never completes a world collection, it is up to each different collector to decide how far he or she wants to go.

This book started in when I inherited a rather large stamp collection from my mother, Ruth Myers, and my aunt, Julie Whaley. Actually, it was really four or five collections, because mom and Aunt Julie had inherited albums from other people. I wrote this book in an effort to help others in the same situation in which I found myself. This edition the Fourth Edition was issued in and is available for you to read in its entirety, for free , on this web site. The book consists of 27 chapters to help you make sense of a stamp collection you might have inherited.

I tip I learned about putting letters together to stamp words is to put them print side down on your mat to line them up and then to just take the clear block and press down on it and pick up the letters….. I find this so much easier than trying to get all the letters in a straight line on the block itself. Love your tutorial of the stamped book. Thanks, Linda. Fall Ribbon Sources Posted on 18 Aug Posted on 5 Jul

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Stamp collectors generally look for the safest way to preserve their collections, without ruining any of the items they contain. Creating a stamp album using waxed pages allows you to store your collection in a safe place while still maintaining the ability to remove and relocate the stamps to another page or location. - For the last three years I have volunteered there as a docent, leading free tours which are offered twice every day except Christmas. I am a third generation stamp collector, following my father and grandfather.

Welcome to StampParaphernalia. We can help you get a collection started or supply you with the tools to make a collection more attractive and more valuable. We provide full-color album pages with mounts that are precut to the highest standard. You will notice the Stamp Paraphernalia difference in every product we sell, from the custom Showguard Mounts to the stamp books that will make any collection sparkle. If you do not see something listed, feel free to email us at StampParaphernalia att.

A postage stamp is a small piece of paper issued by a post office , postal administration , or other authorized vendors to customers who pay postage the cost involved in moving, insuring, or registering mail , who then affix the stamp to the face or address-side of any item of mail —an envelope or other postal cover e. The item is then processed by the postal system, where a postmark or cancellation mark—in modern usage indicating date and point of origin of mailing—is applied to the stamp and its left and right sides to prevent its reuse. The item is then delivered to its addressee. Always featuring the name of the issuing nation with the exception of the United Kingdom , a denomination of its value, and often an illustration of persons, events, institutions, or natural realities that symbolize the nation's traditions and values, every stamp is printed on a piece of usually rectangular, but sometimes triangular or otherwise shaped special custom-made paper whose back is either glazed with an adhesive gum or self-adhesive. Because governments issue stamps of different denominations in unequal numbers and routinely discontinue some lines and introduce others, and because of their illustrations and association with the social and political realities of the time of their issue, they are often prized for their beauty and historical significance by stamp collectors whose study of their history and of mailing systems is called philately. Because collectors often buy stamps from an issuing agency with no intention to use them for postage, the revenues from such purchases and payments of postage can make them a source of net profit to that agency.

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  1. Make sure the packet is "all-different" so you get a wide variety of stamps, not . Stamp albums, or "stock books," protect your stamps from damage and keep.

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