How to delete books off your nook

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how to delete books off your nook

How to Delete Books from Nook

On my Nook device, I have about 40 percent of my storage space left. But where do these books go after all the memory is filled up or the device gets too old? Even if you delete or archive a book from the device to free up space, you can download and read it again from the cloud backup. You can also read the book in your web browser if you would like to see it on a bigger screen. On the current Nook Tablet , tap open the Apps icon on the home screen, select the Nook Library app, press your finger on the book you want to archive and select Remove. Note that if you choose the Delete From Account option, the book is permanently removed from your collection. You can see all the Nook books in your collection by choosing Archive from the same corner menu.
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How to archive books on a nook simple touch

Nook Color Tips: How to Delete Books from Nook Color

If you need to know how to delete books from Nook Color devices, it must be that your Nook Color is getting full, or you may have books on it you no longer want. You can accomplish a delete by accessing your Nook library from the Barnes and Noble website:. You will need to sync your Nook Color to update it, so it will not show the book you just deleted. Go to your Nook Color library and press the Sync button that is in the lower left corner. The button has an arrow around a circle. When you press this button, your Nook will sync and the book will then be deleted.

If you are searching for the way how to delete books from nook, here is the guide for details. Choose the proper way that fits your situation please. If your device is the first Nook edition, you should do this online website. Then click "My account" in the top right menu. Find "My Nook Library" and select that.

Items stored on your NOOK appear on the home screen for easy access. Some items, such as those you've just purchased, borrowed or read, appear on the Daily Shelf on the home screen. The Daily Shelf allows you to quickly open new items or those you use frequently. If you finish reading an item, you can remove it from the home screen or the Daily Shelf so it doesn't clutter your screen. Press the "NOOK" button to go to the home screen. If you're performing an activity that takes up the entire screen, you may need to press the "NOOK" button twice.

Deleting Books

Password Notices News Want to discuss or learn more about Nook rooting , hacking and customization? Please visit our Nook Developer's Corner section. Notice Since a Classic, or a Touch prefix can now be added to threads, you may use the prefix search to filter for only those threads you wish to view. Tip Got Facebook? Is there a way to delete all but one book off of the Nook without deregistering and erasing them all? I don't want them archived, I want them completely off.

Extract: If you are looking for methods on how to delete books from Nook, then you have come to the right place! In this article, I will guide you through 2 methods of removing books from Nook. Nook is a great eBook reader that can help you read eBooks anywhere, anytime. However, the storage of eBooks is limited. If you have read through one book and don't want the book to occupy the precious space on Nook.

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