How to sell your book on ebay

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how to sell your book on ebay

How to Sell Books on Amazon - Secrets for Selling Used Books in

Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. I wanted to ask other booksellers: Which types of books sell best on eBay? Paper back or hardcover? Very old books?
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Published 10.06.2019

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Make Money Writing and Selling Books on eBay

You can be a successful author and make money writing and selling books on eBay. It takes time, planning, and research, but hundreds of other authors have accomplished this and so can you. You may be an expert in your book topic, but you still have to know the marketability of your book. Use subjects or keywords in the search to see whether your idea is a new one or whether it's been done before. Even then, you can give it a different angle and write something entirely fresh for the reading public.

And guess what? The reason why selling books on Amazon is a great way to get started is that you can launch your business without spending thousands on inventory. Plus, if you decide you want to start selling private-label products too, your book sales will help you raise the necessary funds to launch your first Amazon private-label product. Long before I made six-figures selling my own branded products on Amazon, I sold books. And while my bookselling method was a little different than the one used by my competitors, it primed me for the even bigger and even better things to come. It all started with a nine-to-five job.

Researching Your Topic

In today's online world, the old fashioned used, or antiquarian, book store is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Now, if you want to buy a book, you go on line with a popular search engine and find out where to get it. The most popular way of finding a book comes from using "eBay," the popular online auction website.

Technology has changed the way some people read books, but that doesn't mean books they don't sell on eBay. The number of books for sale on eBay typically ranges well into the millions, from popular fiction to children's books to textbooks. To add your books to the list and make some money from them, there are some important tips to follow. A large supply typically means there isn't much demand. This isn't to say these authors' books don't sell, but because their works are mass produced, they just don't have much value on eBay. Many Bibles have beautiful leather covers or family histories written in them, and people buy them for their religious use, historical value, and for home decorating.

These are questions my readers often ask me: How can I sell eBooks on eBay? Is it still allowed? Is selling eBooks on eBay a profitable business idea? So, to begin with — Can you still sell eBooks on eBay? Yes, you can, if you follow eBay guidelines.

It's important to identify specific details about your book, such as whether it's a paperback or hardback copy, who the publisher is, whether it's a limited edition copy or first edition, and so on. There can be a huge difference in value between a vintage and a modern edition, or a signed and a non-signed copy, for instance. All of this info can usually be found within your book's opening pages. Search on eBay for similar listings. You'll be able to get a good idea of how much your book is likely to fetch.

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  1. How do I sell my books on eBay? It's important to identify specific details about your book, such as whether it's a paperback or hardback copy, who the publisher .

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