How do you publish a book on ibooks

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how do you publish a book on ibooks

iBooks Author: iBooks Store publishing overview

Sell any fixed-layout ebook in the Apple iBooks store for use with Apple devices. Choose a book from your dashboard, and click 'Sell my book'. Then set up a preview, complete your author profile, and write an enticing description for your book. Embed a preview on your blog, then share your book on social media with a comment about how to buy it. Share excerpts in follow-up posts. Want to see the bigger Self-Publishing picture? Create and sell fixed-layout ebooks that display design-heavy content beautifully on Apple devices.
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How to publish a book on Apple iBookstore?

Publishing to the iBooks Store

While we all know that Kindle sales dominate overall ebooks sales volumes, many indie authors are taking the long-term view and choosing to list their books on other platforms to reach new readers. You can link to a more detailed post over on my blog at the end of the page with extra screenshots — and more info on the how Apple has recently made it easier to shop in the iBooks Store. In the meantime hold this thought:. There are two key places to be featured in any given category section in the iBooks store: the top carousel, or the curated title rows that appear further down as seen in the screenshots below. Word on the street is that Apple is actively seeking to promote more indie title in all areas.

Featured slots on iBooks

Knowing how to take a published book off iBooks can be tricky. To initially self-publish a book on iBooks, you need an iTunes Connect account and a separate app that works with it, iTunes Producer. This is essentially an iTunes publisher application that Apple created just for self-published content. To take a book off iBooks, you need to do it through iTunes Connect, not Producer. This definitely confuses things a bit.

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  1. If you sell a book in the iBooks Store, you need to create a sample book for customers to preview before they purchase. iBooks Author can create a sample book based on one of your book’s chapters, or you can create a sample yourself using the steps below. Important: During the.

  2. If you sell a book in the iBooks Store , you need to create a sample book for customers to preview before they purchase.

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