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how to sign a book

3 Easy Ways to Sign a Book - wikiHow

Question : Is there a right way … or a wrong way to sign a book for an enthusiastic buyer? Or for a gift from the buyer to another? Answer : The only right way is what works for the author … that allows him or her to create a combo of interacting with the buyer and not turn it into a chore. After all, signing a book for a delighted reader is one of the joys of authoring. Over the years, my book signing has evolved. I had just been featured on Good Morning America and had no idea what to expect. What happened was magic—the store was packed and books were carried out the door in the arms of happy buyers.
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How to Design your Own Awesome Autograph Signature Real Easy

On Asking Authors To Sign My Books With Their Favorite Word

Thank you for telling us such important news, this is just the sort of things us newbies need to know. Hi Jarmara, I'm still learning as I'm going along, but maybe you'll find your own unque way. Think that should have been "unique" - see what I mean about rushing the writing! I hate hate hate signings. All may family are into performing in one way or another, but I'm not.

Signing Your Name

This is a guest post by Alice Burton. She writes about books, history, and the undervaluing of Meghan Trainor at Reading Rambo. So, a number of years ago, I started asking for different things in my books. This actually began after I brought a s copy of Dorothy L. After her initial hesitation in writing in an older book, she wrote the following:.

Finally after months or even years, your new book has arrived. The excited author has lined up book signings, online friends are placing orders and close personal friends are requesting a personalized copy. This is the life-not! What is a new author to do when he freezes at that glorious moment, committing words for eternity? Yes, that is the one when the autograph is requested. And what can you write that will instill awe, amazement and undying devotion from the fan who is to receive this illustrious signed copy? Here are some helpful tips to make autographing and book signings more enjoyable and productive.

When I attended my first book signing for the Market Book series , a fellow editor advised me to cross out my name when signing copies. Of course, like any well-connected editor, I knew how to get feedback on my question. When you sign books, do you cross out the printed name in the book before signing your own? If so, why? And then, the replies started piling in. Below are a few of the more interesting answers I received. With names, contact information, and submission tips, poets can find the right markets for their poetry and achieve more publication success than ever before.

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