How to get your book in bookstores

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how to get your book in bookstores

5 Guaranteed Ways to Get Your Book into Bookstores by Jo Ann Kairys

Those sacred bastions of literary excellence. Along with libraries and coffee shops, bookstores are a haven for authors. Online shopping with sites like Amazon and Etsy is cheap and easy. And you can find exactly the item book you want with no fuss and no browsing. Add to the online marketplace print-on-demand, which pairs with digital retail perfectly. Today authors can publish with very little if any initial investment.
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How to Get Book Stores to Buy Your Self-Published Book

5 Guaranteed Ways to Get Your Book into Bookstores

April 17, by Penny Sansevieri 1 Comment. This desire is justified: obviously, every one of us wants to go down in history as a person who wrote a bestseller or even a masterpiece that future generations will gladly read. This seems like a wonderful dream that just comes true when you finish writing your book. Yet, in reality, not everything is as easy as it may seem. Besides, the added expense of working with a publishing house can strip you of the money that you can put into really smart book promotion strategies. All marketing efforts that are usually performed by the publishing house, will be your job.

A first assumption is that you have a national distributor who enters your book into the Ingram and Baker and Taylor retail distribution systems. Here are some tips that worked for me:. Not finding it listed, I discussed the necessary steps to make it happen. Each year, the Barnes and Noble Small Press Department reviews more than , submissions from publishers of every size and background. Most of these books are added to our book database and a small order is placed for our warehouse. These last points are key.

In the past, getting independent booksellers to shelve self-published books was a difficult prospect. But that was then and this is now. Not only have self-published authors upped their game when it comes to content, but the quality of self-published books is highly competitive with those of traditionally published books. So just how do you go about selling your book to independent bookstores? Much as writing books is a passion and business for authors, selling books is a passion and the only business for independent booksellers. They still need to sell books.

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How to get your self-published book in bookstores.

For a lot of self-publishing authors, getting their books into big-chain bookshops can seem as impossible as hitting a space station with a sling-shot. There is something of a validation in walking into a bookshop, especially a big-chain branch, and spying your book on the shelf. But as indies, with corporate structure and head office guidelines, that shelf can often seem a million miles away. I hold regular signings and events at a large number of branches across the South and the Midlands — around twenty so far in the past year. Fact No. But to me, it made perfect sense. Waterstones actively employees people that are avid readers and book lovers.

Imagine that you are an author. You've just received a shipment of your first published book from your printer or POD publisher. You admire your book, hold it, fondle it and do your best to keep from dancing around the room. Some of you do dance around the room—I did. I even broke out a bottle of champagne. You head for the nearest mega-bookstore to experience the thrill of seeing your books shelved there next to America's bestsellers. You search and you search, but your book is nowhere to be found.

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